Walking In Memphis

Album: Marc Cohn (1991)
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  • Cohn wrote this song after traveling to Memphis to check out Graceland, which is Elvis Presley's mansion and a kitschy tourist destination. He made sure to see an Al Green sermon when he was there, but it was a trip out of Memphis along Highway 61 where the meaty part of his journey took place. In the desolate Delta, he saw a sign that said "Hollywood," which turned out to be the Hollywood Cafe, which is a small diner/music joint in Tunica County, Mississippi. This is where Cohn smelled the catfish and encountered a black woman in her 70s named Muriel who was at the piano. After watching Muriel play a variety of spirituals and Hoagy Carmichael songs for about 90 minutes, he spoke with her when she took a break.

    Cohn's mother died when he was just 2 years old, and he lost his father at age 12. He spent a lot of time reconciling his childhood, which often comes out in his songs. Speaking with Muriel, he got maybe the best therapy of his life. Cohn described this conversation in his 1992 interview with Q magazine, saying: "She was real curious, she seemed to have some kind of intuition about me, and I ended up telling her about my family, my parents, how I was a musician looking for a record deal, the whole thing. Then, it must have been about two in the morning, she asks me up to sing with her and we do about an hour, me and this lady I'd never met before, hardly a song I knew so she's yelling the words at me. Then at the end, as the applause is rising up, she leans over and whispers in my ear, she's whispering, You've got to let go of your mother, child, she didn't mean to die, she's where she's got to be and you're where you have to be, child, it's time to move on."
  • The Hollywood Cafe is still there - you drive right past it to go to several of the casinos now located in Tunica. Muriel and Cohn kept in touch, and she attended his wedding in New York. Cohn saw her again when he took another trip down south and played her some of his new songs, but Muriel died in 1990. >>
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    Paul - Memphis, TN
  • This was the first single for Cohn, who was discovered by Carly Simon in the mid-'80s when he was with a 14-piece band called The Supreme Court. Atlantic Records signed him in 1989, but the first attempts to record his debut album with Tracy Chapman's producer David Kerschenbaum failed. Ten months later, he tried again, producing the set himself with help from the little-known Ben Wisch, who had helped him with his demos. Finally released in 1991 when Cohn was 31 years old, his self-titled debut album was a huge hit, thanks to the massive success of "Walking In Memphis." Cohn won the 1991 Grammy for Best New Artist award, beating out both Boyz II Men and Seal. Cohn never matched the chart success of this song, but like his musical heroes Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell and Jackson Browne, he remained a critical and artistic success as a songwriter and performer.
  • Cohn has explained that this song is a journey to be baptized in the world of blues music. He said it is about "Spiritual Awakening."
  • The lyrics, "Walking with my feet ten feet off of Beale" refers to Beale Street, an actual street in Memphis. Riley B. King became known as the "Beale Street Blues Boy" shortly after he first arrived in Memphis. Later, the nickname was shortened to B.B., and the rest is history.
  • W.C. Handy, who Cohn refers to in the first verse, is a blues legend. His most famous recording is "St. Louis Blues," but he also recorded "Beale Street Blues" and "Memphis Blues." There is a statue in his honor in Memphis.

    Handy was born in Florence, Alabama. Florence, along with Tuscumbia, Sheffield, and Muscle Shoals, is part of this quad cities group usually referred to as "The Shoals" (as immortalized in Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama"... 'the Shoals have got the Swampers'). There is a huge festival that takes place every August in the Shoals that honors WC Handy. It is aptly named The WC Handy Festival, and almost everybody, from churches to bars, and even the public library, hosts programs containing jazz, blues, gospel, funk, and rock and roll.
  • The sounds at the beginning of the song are meant to indicate falling rain.
  • The reference to "Blue Suede Shoes" is not about Elvis Presley, but about Carl Perkins, who recorded the song in Memphis for Sam Phillips at Sun Records. Perkins' ill-luck in a car wreck stopped him from touring to promote the record, allowing Elvis' cover version to become a massive hit. Presley's copy was recorded at RCA studios in Nashville.
  • The narrator tells of seeing "The ghost of Elvis up on Union Avenue and followed him up to gates of Graceland." Sam Phillips' studios were called "Memphis Recording Service" and were at 706 Union Avenue. Elvis' start on the journey to fame and fortune (i.e. Graceland) is usually attributed to the success of "Blues Suede Shoes" - and that of "Heartbreak Hotel."
  • The lyrics, "Security didn't see him" is probably a comment on the story that Bruce Springsteen once successfully scaled the wall at Graceland, trying to deliver a song he wrote. Apparently, Elvis wasn't there.
  • "There's catfish on table and gospel in the air" marks the dichotomy between secular and sacred. Catfish is the standard blues metaphor for sexual intercourse. (The word is also interchangeable with the slang expression for the female sex zones). "Catfish" thus would appeal to the bodily instincts, whereas "gospel" would be to the intellect. The metaphor gains more credence since Al Green supposedly renounced secular music after being scalded with grits by a jealous girlfriend.
  • The lyrics refer to the girl waiting in the Jungle Room. This was the name of the play area at Elvis' Graceland mansion where he and the crew would take care of business (TCB). >>
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    Gary - Thetford, England, for above 5
  • Cher recorded this for her 1995 album It's a Man's World, and released it as a single in the UK, where it hit #11. In her version, Gabriel plays the piano instead of Muriel. It was used in the season 5 episode of The X Files called "The Post-Modern Prometheus," which was the only black and white episode of the show.
  • In 2019, this was used in a commercial for Facebook where a collection of people from all over the world who have roots in Memphis connect through a Group.
  • In 1992 the UK breakbeat duo Shut Up And Dance released a single "Raving I'm Raving," which sampled "Walking In Memphis" without permission. A copyright clearance wasn't given and after the song debuted at #2 in the UK, it was deleted with an order that proceeds of those released be given to charity.
  • Marc Cohn turned this into "Walking In Staten" in a November 20, 2021 Saturday Night Live bit that also featured Pete Davidson, Big Wet, and Method Man. In this version, the song takes a trip through Staten Island, New York, where the sights include a garbage dump you can see from space and a shockingly small zoo.

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  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn this day in 1991 {July 13th} "Walking In Memphis" by Marc Cohn peaked at #3 {for 1 week} on the Canadian RPM Singles* chart, the two records that kept out of the top spot were "More Than Words" by Extreme at #2 and at #1, "Rush Rush" by Paula Abdul...
    The Cleveland, Ohio native had two other records make the RPM Singles chart, "Silver Thunderbird" {#31 in 1991} and "Walk Through The World" {#26 in 1993}...
    He won the Grammy Award for 'Best New Artist' in 1992...
    Marc Craig Cohn celebrated his 61st birthday earlier this month on July 5th, 2020...
    * And from the 'For What It's Worth' department, the remainder of the RPM Singles' Top 10 on July 13th, 1991:
    At #4. "Unbelievable" by EMF
    #5. "Love Is A Wonderful Thing" by Michael Bolton
    #6. "A Better Love" by Londonbeat
    #7. "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" by Bryan Adams
    #8. "Power Of Love"/"Love Power" by Luther Vandross
    #9. "Chocolate Cake" by Crowded House
    #10. "Wind Of Change" by The Scorpions
  • John Njenga from KenyaUnlike many songs, walking in Memphis is of its kind with different meanin from what's in the listeners mind I thought memphis was in Egypt but the song is great anyway.
  • Dan Sherry from Brentwood, TnSongfacts states that Carl Perkins' car wreck caused Elvis' cover version of Blue Suede Shoes to be a 'massive hit', implying that Perkins' original version was not so much of a hit. This is incorrect. Perkins' version reached #2 on the Billboard chart, and charted for 21 weeks. Presley's version only reached #20 on the Billboard chart, charting for only 12 weeks. Due to Presley's larger persona and longevity, his version may have over time sold more records, but the true 'hit' version was Perkins'. Full credit should go to the Perkins (Memphis) version for the 'Walking In Memphis' lyric reference - without caveat.

    These comments on the lyrics to this tune are reminiscent of the debate about the American Pie (Don McLean) lyrics back in the 70s. Both are great, but I like the more real, less tangential lyrics of Walking In Memphis. But this could be argued either way..... comments?
  • Dwight from Helotes, TexasIn the song when he sings, She said, "Tell me are you a Christian child?" And, I said, "Ma'am I am tonight." Refers to singing Christian gospel songs with Muriel, and him being of the Jewish faith, that for that night, he's is a Christian child.
  • Peter Muchiri from Nairobi , KenyaThis song is a tribute to blues music and seems to capture a long safari though time in the rich history of blues music; From legends like W.C. Handy, Carl Perkins to Elvis.; Marc Cohn will most likely leave this word a blues legend because of this song.
  • David from Orlando, FlMy experience with this song has been a fascinating odyssey to say the least. I was initially lukewarm to the song, unsure of what significance a song about Memphis could have on listeners. Later on, probably through an act of God, I was led to hear the line "Tell me are you a Christian, child / Ma'am, I am tonight" on an otherwise routine song experience and suddenly I realized this song was much more powerful than a trivial journey to Memphis. My feelings toward the song beyond the piano and Marc's passionate vocals soared to even greater heights when I actually visited Memphis and saw the famous places and information mentioned in the song (i.e. W.C. Handy's home, Sun Records on Union Avenue, Graceland including the Jungle Room, and museums that profiled Reverend Al Green among other greats of rock and soul, including the Stax Museum. While I never had any experience like the Muriel one mentioned in the last verse before the final course, I was deeply touched in a rare way with this song. It may have been autobiographical for Marc Cohn, but even for many other people throughout the world, the song is timeless and spiritual.
  • Sydney from St. Louis, Mook so question....is he dead or a spirit during this song? it sounds like a weird question but i dont get why he says hes, "walking with my feet ten feet off Beale". is that like he's floating on air because he's so excited or he's there spiritually so not physically on the ground? the mention of seeing the ghost of elvis also brings me to this question. also when he's talking about how its raining when he landed and he wants W.C. Handy to look after him it seems like hes calling for a "guardian angel" of sorts. idk, i get all of the allusions in this song to famous places, people, stories, etc. and i know it is a recollection of his time spent there but just the wording of some of it throws me so if anyone has any input i would love it!!! unless youre saying im crazy that i think this then comments are unwelcome haha
  • Esskayess from Dallas, TxNo doubt in my mind that Elvis (and Carl Perkins) would have loved this song.
  • Billy from Tampa, FlThe song has a strong meaning to me and my SXGF as I sang it to her the night I told her that I was in love with her.
  • Kellin from Right Here Where I Am, AlI couldn't agree more with Cletus (Roanoke, VA), though I didn't even know about the other versions before reading the post. But Cher's version is just... wrong. It doesn't fit the feel of the song. And what bothers me the most is why she would change "Muriel" to "Gabriel".
    I absolutely love this song and couldn't help but feel Cher had taken the beauty away from it. Marc Cohn is the best - he wrote the song from his own experience; he should be the one that sings it. lol :)
  • Emma from Gibraltar, GibraltarI was in Memphis 2 weeks ago on my honeymoon, inspired by this song Mephis was our second stop on our tour with new orleans and nashvile being the first and third. As far back as i remember listening to this song made me wanna go there. Well when they say reality is never as good as the dream, it's true. Sun Studios Rocks and a visit to Grace land was worth doing once i guess. As for Mephis, the less said the better. It's obvious when you get there that he'd never actually been when he wrote it lol..

    "the holywood" is a small cafe thats a shadow of it's former self and it's just up the road from where Martin Luther King was shot. Muriel was a singer there, a regular and there is no debate on her age, the "singer" of this story is fictional.

    I just wish i'd visited Memphis in it's glory days
  • 70667 from Delft, NetherlandsShould be made the anthem for Memphis if it is not already
  • Adam from Lehman, Pathe christian child line always gets me
  • Peter Surya Clarke from Hobart, AustraliaThe story behind this song: the singer, Cohn, was a young Jewish aspiring singer-songwriter from Cleveland, Ohio. He'd never been to Memphis before; in fact he'd never traveled at all. Upon reaching the South he was very moved emotionally after seeing an Al Green sermon, and underwent both spiritual transformation and professional growth. Al Green is referenced in the lyrics as "Reverend Green." In arguably the song's most memorable line, when Muriel (a bar piano player at the Hollywood cafe) asks Cohn, who was born Jewish, whether he's a Christian, he replies, "Ma'am, I am tonight."
  • Kathryn from Montoursville, PaIn my opinion, "Muriel" in the song is older than Cohn, not younger. This is indicated by the line "Tell me are you a Christian, child?" She's referring to him as "child," something that's often done in the United States when an older person addresses a much younger person, even if they are in their 20s or 30s.
  • Jock from Fort Mcmurray, AbAnother part to "the ghost of Elvis on Union Avenue" may include his being pronounced dead at Baptist Memorial Hospital - on Union Avenue just a short walk from Sun Studios. The hospital has since been demolished.
  • Bill from Ny, Fli am a christian tonight" i think meant that muriel was much younger and in the story she would only let him hit it if he was a believer in the baby jesus
  • Glenda from Eustis, FlBeing from the South and AKA "Bible Belt" it made since to me that there was catfish on the table and gospel in the air.
    Catfish is plentiful and cheap (as well as delicious!! Little seasoning.. butter... fry pan... mmm). The cheapness of catfish made it accessible for anyone ... to buy or to go fishin for..(Don't forget the Mississippi River... right there). Catfish and grits.. great staple food. And as previously stated the Catholics did not eat red meat on Fridays (even in school growing up we had fish on Friday).
    Being in the "Bible Belt" of America the majority of the true time-honored southerners were traditionally Christian. With the largest congregation of Baptist. So Gospel in the air is to me a reference to that tradition. also- asking someone unknown to join them... is a reference to me of the tradition of Southern friendliness.
  • Cletus from Roanoke, VaThere are a lot of versions of this song: Joe Cocker, Dave Matthews, James Taylor and Bruce Hornsby along with those mentioned above. They are all good, except for Cher's...she needs to leave this one alone. JT and Cocker come close to Marc's version, but it still ain't Marc!

    A beautiful, spiritual song.
  • Susan from Indianapolis, InThe reason they have catfish everywhere on Friday nites is in reference to the Catholic observance of Lent, during which time no red MEAT is to be eaten on Fridays, but fish is allowed....this is also the reason Catholic churches have "Fish Fry Fridays".--Susan,Indpls,In
  • Christia from Atlanta, GaHaving just returned from a visit to Memphis, this song has become much more interesting to me. WC Handy's statue is on Beale Street (that line about being 10 feet off of Beale now makes perfect sense). If you make the pilgrimage yourself, a visit to Sun Studios is highly recommended. After I realized there was meaning to everything else in the song, I was curious about the story about Muriel, so it was nice to get the background story about her too (and the info about catfish - who knew?!).
  • Joshua from Southaven, Msi live right by memphis.this sounds like it was about elvis when he first started singing but i have no idea
  • Steve from Memphis, TnSorry. It was December 11th 1990 first played. Oh, and in the Summer of 91, Cohn played for FM100 and all of Memphis on the banks of the Missisppi on the 4th of July. He opened for, non other than, Al Green.
  • Steve from Memphis, TnI was the first person in the universe to play Walking in Memphis. I was Program Director at FM100 in 1989 and we found the song on a compilation disc that a trade publication released. It was accidentally put on the CD. Atlantic Records did not intend to release the song until Spring of 90...if at all!! Believe it or not I received many calls from the head of promotion at the label asking if it was a hit. I played the song for the first time on Monday Dec 14th. Sounded so good we did a "Double Spin". The rest is history. Isn't it good that "Walking in Memphis" wasn't first played on a station in Cleveland or Detroit. (By the way, the Hollywood is still there...closed but reopened in Tunica MS.
  • John from Hartford, CtGranted, this song is about Memphis but it is also very clearly an explanation of how Elvis and Memphis are synonymous. Beale Street is world famous because of Elvis and his clothes shopping at a store on Beale Street. Going up to the gates of Graceland means nothing regarding Springsteen, it refers to the pilgrimage made by so many and also acknowledges the rock and roll symbol on those gates. The jungle room furniture was purchased in Memphis after Vernon Presly made a joke about it being tacky (Elvis had a sense of humor and a love of Hawaii) as told during the tour of Graceland. The blue suede shoes reference is also of Elvis. Carl Perkins was great but Elvis eclipsed Carl's version simply because Elvis' was that much better. The nonsense about not touring is ridiculous. The song is a great song and pays tribute to a blues city that echos Elvis in every corner. I think the blues does more to explain Elvis' influences than anything else.
  • Donagh from Nashville, Late Of Nj, TnThe deconstructionist stuff about catfish being a sexual metaphor is just thinking too deep. Anywhere in TN, catfish is on some nearby table. It's what we eat. Catfish, and barbeque, (Dry Rub in Memphis, sweet vinegar in Nashville).
    The song that a young Springsteen was trying to get to Elvis was 'Fire'. it was ultimately 'turned down'. It was later recorded and made a hit by the Pointer Sisters, Even though Bruce's version is also great, and has more soul, it never really commanded the charts the way the Pointer's version did.
  • Pierre from Malacca, Malaysiai like this song cos it's everything that i feel right now. i'm pretty messed-up and this song puts me right. well, a little. : )
  • Mike from Halls, TnI believe the lyric about 'they've got catfish on the table, and gospel in the air' is better served as a literal translation. Being from this region of TN, I know that fried catfish is beyond a tradition in TN, it's mandatory, especially on Fridays for some odd reason. Every soul and mom-and-pop diner serves catfish, and has Gospel music playing in the background. It just doesn't make sense to say that they're having female genitalia on the table and gospel in the air, as was suggested earlier.
  • Ron from Memphis, Tnfm100 was the first station to play this obvious salute to Memphis. Its ageless. timeless. Can you imagine the first time we heard it at the station> We are on Union avenue. Mark had come to memphis to visit some good friends and got inspired at the right time.He is married to Elizabeth Vargas..the queen of Television on abc.
    ron olson fm100 memphis. you can listen now at fm100memphis.com....you will hear marks song.
  • Rick from London Ontario, CanadaLove the song..by anybody. been to Memphis and Beale Street. I have realtives near Memphis in Arlington. First time I was there I flew to Memphis. Song has a spiritual meaning to me...my departed Aunt taught me to play piano..and my Uncle knows Rev. Green. He knew more about the song than I did ..he is 88 years old and has taught me a lot. I was in Memphis Easter on 2007.

  • Jake from Varnville, ScYou missed what may be one of the best lyrick lines in all of pop music "sir are you a christian? Maam I am tonight"!!!!!!
  • Darren from Pn, New ZealandHmmmm, you guys down south are truely the rythm of the States. I loved Memphis Tennessee. Hell I did a lot of what Marc sings about. Beale st, Graceland, Union ave. When I think back to my Travel in the states, I think of Tennessee,I think of sun studios, EP, I think Of jack D(god bless him) I wish the hell I was watching those storm clouds move in like Rascals on an 85 degree evening.....eating BBQ pork on beale. God bless any song that can move me....why do people sing about memphis? Its all spiritual...
  • J from Toronto, CanadaGreat song, great production! It's too bad the album didn't capture more of his excellent material and that excellent material does exist by Marc Cohn. It's most unfortunate that he was shot, but most fortunate that he continues to entertain.
  • Joe from Fort Meade, MdI think the Springsteen reference is crap because the whole verse is talking mostly about the ghost of Elvis. Of course security wouldn't see a ghost and wouldn't it be fitting for Elvis to haunt his old haunts before he made it big and obviously his home?
  • Kendra from Fountain Valley, CaThe Cher cover of this song was in The X-Files episode "Post Modern Prometheus". The Frankenstein-esque monster is a huge Cher fan, at the end of the episode he escapes and gets to meet a Cher impersonator while this song is playing.

    Marc Cohn's version is way better, though.
  • AnonymousThis song takes me on a journey from start to finish.The reference to Grace land is haunting in a nice way.- Robert,Alberta,Canada.
  • Sue from Woonsocket, RiI haven't heard the song by any other artist; nor do I see a need to...as soon as I hear the piano lead in, I turn up the sound and can't help but sing along....GREAT TUNE!
  • Scott from Columbus, OhThis is a song written by a guy who hopes to break the ice between him and the local scene in Memphis. I am quite sure it's a hard audience of people who have seen every fly-by-night singer and songwriter to come along and you have to do something exceptional to command their attention.
    This song does exactly that in it's rare quality.
    Though commonly... anytime you add a beautiful piano melody with a solid singer you gain the attention of the listening public by default of the contrast.
    Dooby Brothers, Bob Seger, Billy Joel, Elton John, The Band, and SO many others prove that point...

    This song makes me sing everytime

  • Brad from Toronto, CanadaDoes anybody really care where it finished on the UK chart?? We are not talking about the beatles,like "walking in memphis" was suppose to be a #1 hit,relax folks, this is a GREAT North American song,and "let it be" just that!!
  • Caitlin from Upper Township, NjLone Star did a version of this. its my best friends favorite song
  • Brandon from Peoria, IlACK!!! you mean this isn't Bob Seger...Whoops. Up until...oh 5 seconds ago, I thought Seger did this
  • Mal from London, EnglandAlthough Walking in Memphis reached 66 in the UK the first time it was released, when re-released 6 months later it made a more respectable 22.
  • Brad from Toronto, CanadaWhy don't we just leave the song alone. Why do people continue to try and cover the song,nobody can sing it better than Marc,he was the first. For once I agree with American Idol's Simon who said"no matter how you sing it, you will never be better than the orginial artist" Please leave this classic alone,and get your own song to sing..Brad
  • Sam from Davenport, IaAnyone else think Taylor Hicks would do an awesome version of this? Probably not as good as Cohn himself, but I think it would be a great song for him.
  • Eric from Tunica, MsMs. Muriel has passed away but she actually asked everyone if they were a Christian. She played the piano every Friday and folks would come to listen to her sing. Marc Cohn actually DID come to the Hollywood and WAS asked to sing. There are pictures posted along side his Gold Album which is still on display at the Hollywood Cafe.
  • Eric from Tunica, MsYes Hollywood is still there... The original Building DID burn down, the "new" Hollywood has been around since 1969 however, it is located on Old Highway 61 North in a turn of the century building, we still have Jazz and Blues every Saturday night, and they make the best Fried Pickles you'll ever have in your life.
  • Mike from Memphis, TnMarc Cohn actually did board a plane and come to Memphis. He came to Memphis to visit and look for a place to settle down after years of trying to make it in the music industry. He loved Memphis so much that he made this song and it shot to the top of the charts. The funny thing is that he wrote this song and loved the city so much, but he never actually moved to Memphis even though he speaks so highly of it
  • Mike from Memphis, Tnwhen Marc Cohn actually "put on his blue suede shoes and boarded the plane" then "touched down in the land of the delta blues" he was coming to Memphis to visit to see if he wanted to move here because he had given up on his music career and wanted to find a place to settle down. He loved Memphis so much that he started writing this song which brought him to the top of the charts and jumpstarted his career. Even though he loved the city so much, once the song became a big hit he moved away and has been trying to make it as a singer (although he will always be known for this song). I just thought it was funny that he loved Memphis so much that he made this song then moved away after it made him famous
  • Brad from Toronto, CanadaI travel to Memphis every year.; I got engaged in Memphis at the Rum Boogy Cafe on Beale,and Walking in Memphis is going to be our wedding song. Memphis is special and so is this song,thank you Marc and thanks Andrea
  • Jordan from Linlithgow, Scotlandthis song is gd but ma m8 has made another and better version-jordan, scotland
  • Eric from Tunica, MsJust an FYI the Hollywood Cafe is literally 600 feet from my residence. Note it says I'm in Tunica but I'm actually in an unincorp area called Robinsonville, which is where Hollywood Cafe is, this is Tunica County, a common mistake that people make when referencing this area, Tunica the City is actually 15 miles North on Highway 61.
  • Robert from Townsville, AustraliaSurprise, surprise! I always thought the lyrics about a Beale were relating to the famous brand name of a piano. I was not aware of a street named Beale. Having said that though, The song title "Beale Street Blues" rings a bell. Does anyone know if the Beale piano and the street have any bearing on one another or do I have the spelling wrong?
  • Lucy from Rading, EnglandIn the cover by cher she changes Muriel to Gabriel. Does anyone know what this is about?
  • James from Aurora, IlMemphis is an awesome place to visit, or live. Every time I hear this song I feel like visiting Memphis again. Hopefully I'll be back again this year, maybe for another Peabody Hotel Rooftop Party.
  • Ihor Kutash from Montreal, CanadaBIG song for me when I visited Jerusalem & sites in Nov. 1998 - I boarded the plane on Nov. 16, W. C. Handy's birthday!!! Memphis, like, stood for Jerusalem!
  • Kristen from The Woodlands, TxI heard on the radio a version of Walking in Memphis that was a cut between Mark Cohn's version and Lonestar's version. Was this ever put on CD? I havent been able been able to find it anywhere!!!
  • Bert from London, EuropeI think the Cher version is the best version. It is the original and the best.
  • Ydur from Knoxville, TnMark Cohn was recently shot in the face during a carjacking in Denver (summer of 2005). He is expected to make a complete recovery.

    Dave Matthews did cover this. Cher's mouth should be covered when she sings this, or anything else for that matter, except "I got you Babe".
  • Pete from Nowra, Australiaone hit wonder here in Australia ...but it is how you say a "Classic" no if no buts
  • Paul from London, EnglandA very powerful song that disappointingly only managed no.22 in the UK charts. Love the line "Reverend Green be glad to see when you haven't got a prayer"
  • Bill from Cleveland, TnElvis never call the room "The Jungle Room." Many of the people who visited Graceland when it was opened to the public started calling the room "The Jungle Room" because of the furnature and carpet in the room. Elvis bought most of it in Hawaii.
  • Maggie from Lafayette, LaI love this version.Personally I think Cher's version stinks.
  • Peter from Mistelbach, AustriaYesterday I heard the song in the radio. It was the first time i heard the song. And for me it's a "Classic" and a masterpiece.
  • Katie from Jackson, TnIn addition to the comment about blue suede shoes being a reference about Carl Perkins, Perkins is actually from Jackson, TN.
  • Max from New York, NyWhen Muriel asks him if he's a Christian Child? and he replies with, "maam i am tonight," it's a statement. Although Mark Cohn is actually Jewish, for this moment after being comforted by the ghost of the King (pun for Elvis and BB King), Al Green, and W.C. Handy, he has now become a part of gospel music.
  • Melania from Moscow, EuropeCher's version sucks big time too, totally murdered the song!
  • Homer from Versailles, IlLonestar's version stinks. It's too stressed out and whiny. Stick with the original.
  • Jordan from Philly, PaThe line "Tell me are you a Christian child?/And I said Ma'am I am tonight" is probably a reference to Cohn being Jewish.
  • Keith from Slc, Ut"Security did not see him" is a confirmation that it was the GHOST of Elvis, not just another impersonator.
  • Julia from London, Englandno wonder this song is in the top 10 every week, it's so awesome and appeals to everyone, regardless of their music taste. cohn's vocals are so great and the lyrics are great also. every DJ seems to love this song and play it on the radio all the time
  • Paul from Memphis, TnThe "Hollywood" was a diner/juke joint in Tunica County, MS. near the gambling capitol of the south. Back in the day, it was quite the hopping blues joint. It is less than an hour from Memphis.
    Besides, why would Cohn put something in a song called "Walking in Memphis" about a place in New Orleans? Duh?
    paul g., memphis, tn.
  • Jim from Tampa, FlYou know, I had certainly heard this song plenty in the past but it never really stood out for me until I heard Lone Star's cover of it. Now I have listend to probally 7 or 8 covers of it including the original and I just think Lone Star does is so much better than anyone else. The lead singer has such a unique voice and the mucsical arrangement is right on. Check there verison out if you havnet already.
  • David from Sebastian, FlDon't start making vacation plans to see Muriel though, she's passed away.
  • Stephanie from Ellicott City, Mdit just seems to be one of those songs that appeals to almost everyone ... i was hanging out with a group of friends, all of us very different with very different tastes, one of them started singing, and all of us joined in ... it's just one of those songs for some reason.
  • Dave from Pomeroy, OhWhy is this song in the top 10 every week? Although a good song, It's not exactly what I would call a "Classic" Isn't he knod of a One Hit Wonder, maybe I listen to oldies all the time I don't know
  • John from Madison, WiDid Dave Matthews cover this song or am i completely losing it? I'm more likely losing it but ya never know.
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesCher had a big hit when she covered this in 1995, but her version is not as good
  • Brian from Austin, TxWhen walking into the Hollywood (which was near Tunica but has since burned down) Muriel would ask everyone if they were a Christian.
  • Jeb from Houston, TxThe Hollywood Cafe is actually supposed to be near Tunica, Mississippi not New Orleans.
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