Til I Get Found

Album: Gossip Columns (2017)
  • Here, Marc E. Bassy croons about struggling in a relationship with a girl who isn't committed to him. As the female isn't reciprocating his feelings for her, he asks her to cut him off. Bassy told Billboard that like all his songs this was based off a real-life experience. He explained:

    "I guess, sometimes people have a tendency to hold onto things for too long. Sometimes the best therapy is really cutting the cord. And as hard as it is to do, we all need to do it [in relationships] at some point. It is like ripping the band-aid off. You don't want to do the slow tearing process -- that rips your skin away. You just want that strong break.

    So, that is what 'Til I Get Found' is about. You know? "If you love me, baby, cut me off!" Especially for people like myself, artists. We romanticize and carry things out forever. It [feels] rough to cut someone out of your life. But, sometimes, it is necessary for personal growth. You are either in or you are out!"


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