Album: Shine (2008)
Charted: 82


  • Michael Davey, Andrew Dorff and Chris Robbins wrote this song. It was produced by Dann Huff.
  • McBride described this to WKLB country 102.5 as a song that says that, "life is a roller coaster ride. You can't change it, you just have to hang on and see what happens and to choose to see the good side."
  • This was McBride's first release from her 2009 Shine album after a two-year hiatus.
  • McBride took the album title from one of the lyrics of this song. She explained in publicity materials that she loves the word 'shine' as, "it's really positive and strong and powerful." McBride added that one of her favorite lyrics from this song is 'shine, while you have the chance to shine,' "because I feel like sometimes you go along, and you take things for granted. And all of a sudden, you're reminded... you get one shot to do this. You get one shot to live this life, and you should shine while you have the chance to shine. You should go out there and be undeniable. And so, it's inspirational to me... very inspirational."

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  • Firstmp3 from Ny, NyMartina McBride is a contemporary country artist that loves the music of their country. I really liked her album «The Way That I Am», especially single «My Baby Loves Me». Since then, I always look for her creativity. Tracks from her latest album Shine, I downloaded from the site mp3 music.
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