I'm Not Perfect

Album: You Can't Come Back From Heaven (2010)
  • Mason Reed is a singer/songwriter from Tucson, Arizona who took off for California to pursue a career in music. He told us: "This is a song for everyone who has ever been in a troubled relationship. It was meant to be a duet, or to have a female voice for balance. I think men and women are more alike than we are different. Everyone should be able to understand this song.

    We recorded the album over 5 days. The lyrical inspiration comes from life, and experience and a ton of daydreams. As for recording, we got to use the same preamps that Neil Young used on After The Gold Rush. I was pretty excited about that, he's a huge inspiration for me. I got to work with some of the best players in the world. I was blown away every day with the talent in the room. I feel like a lucky man. That s why I called the record You Can't Come Back From Heaven.

    I was at a party, on a night off between tracking and mixing this record. I was playing guitar for a group of 10 people in a beautiful house, right on the ocean. There were a few movie stars there. Lots of wine and just me and my beat-up guitar. I got done playing and everyone was smiling at me and excited about the songs, and I had to stop for a moment and just kinda soak it all in. There's a big contrast between Tucson and Malibu.

    I told them the same thing I'll tell you: I have a theory that when you die, you don't realize it. Life just continues on another plane, but everything gets a little better. (Or worse, I suppose, if you believe in karma). Needless to say, a lot of times I feel like I've died and gone to heaven. And it's a great feeling to be living your dreams." (Learn more at Mason Reed's official site.)


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