Aunt Lisa

Album: Once More Round the Sun (2014)
  • Brann Dailor penned this song about his aunt passing away. He told Canada's Excaim magazine: "I look at it as being one of the crazier songs on the record, and out there, and my aunt Lisa with weird and crazy and kind of out there, and she would really like that song…"

    "You don't know Aunt Lisa.," he added. "She was wild. She lived life to the fullest, and had the biggest personality in the room at all times. She walked in, you were just waiting to hear what she said next."
  • The song takes an unexpected diversion at the end with Atlanta punk group The Coathangers chanting "Hey, Ho, Let's f---ing go." over a heavy riff. Dailor explained to Excaim! "At the end, we just feel like, it's the end of the song, and it couldn't get any weirder, so we took the Coathangers singing that weird Ramones chant over it, and it just got weirder. So we like that. It's like a little surprise. We like surprises. We like to surprise ourselves, and we like to surprise the audience, whether they like it or not. They go 'ugh, I don't like that surprise.' But we like it. It's bizarre."


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