Bulletproof Weeks

Album: Some Mad Hope (2007)
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  • The album follows the theme of learning what a relationship can be. Nathanson explained to Glide Magazine that this song was about the time when the relationship reached its lowest point. Said Nathanson: "The way that the record works, it moves like a story—I didn't really mean for it to—but it moves like a relationship. The intent of how great you want it to be and how alive you feel. And then kind of having it dip back down and head back in a more realistic way, kind of like fiction to reality. 'Bulletproof Weeks' is kind of the moment in the record definitely at the bottom of the barrel. Like when you're now realizing, 'F--k…I….I'm not going to get this back. It's gone.' And whatever is going to come out of this is going to be significantly different than what it is now. So 'Bulletproof Weeks' is kind of that resignation moment of like, 'Ok, this is where it is, and it's not coming back.'"
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