Matthew Good

June, 1971
  • Matthew was born in British Columbia. He played folk-rock in the early 90's, recording several demos that were never officially released, but are floating around the Internet. He is very popular in his native Canada, but not in the US.
  • The first album with the Matthew Good Band was Last of the Ghetto Astronauts (1995). The band then released Underdogs (1998), Raygun (1998), Beautiful Midnight (1999), Loser Anthems (2001) and Audio of Being (2001). They broke up in 2001, and Matt went solo with Avalanche in 2003.
  • A big fan of author Kurt Vonnegut. He also enjoys soccer.
  • Published a book of short stories and manifestos in 2001 titled At Last There is Nothing Left to Say.
  • T-shirts for his band had slogans like "I hear Matt Good's a real a__hole". >>
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  • Beth from Woodstock, CanadaHe's known for his political blog He has recently relaesed a dvd and greatest hits "in a coma". Matt also has a cd called White Light Rock and Roll Review. "White Light" inspired from David Bowie.
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