Run From You

Album: Rule the World (2013)


  • "Sometimes I refer to this one as an anti-love song. We all come across trouble and often take the wrong road even when we know we should turn back," Max Gomez said of his first single, which was co-written by the album's producer, Jeff Trott.
  • Gomez wrote most of the lyrics, while Trott brought a rock edge to the folk-leaning track. Trott told Songfacts: "Max usually just performs solo, with an acoustic guitar, maybe somebody else backing him up, so he never really had a band behind him. But for that record, he really wanted to have a band and make it more of a bigger record. We had to approach the songs in a slightly different way.

    It's got a little bit of a Creedence Clearwater, like old Americana vibe to it, but it's a little more interesting than just a straight Americana record."

    He added: "I think he had a romance that went bad, and it really put him off of being in a relationship. He was thinking, I'm probably better off being a gypsy and just living like that because I just haven't been able to figure out why I attract people that I should probably be running away from. Anybody can probably relate to that." (Check out our full Jeff Trott interview.)
  • The music video was directed by actor Kiefer Sutherland and finds Gomez struggling in a volatile relationship. In a behind-the-scenes feature, Sutherland explained how he relates to the song: "The lead chorus line is 'I should have run from you,' and over the course of my rather long life, there's a few things that I should have run from, and they weren't just people. So, that was the first thing that I started thinking of. And I've seen some tragic things happen and I've watched people, myself included, make one bad choice and have profound consequences as a result of that. I wanted the video to kind of represent that."
  • According to Trott, who also made a cameo appearance in the video, Sutherland stepped in as director because he loved the song. "He really felt like, 'Hey I could help this kid out.' I think that's really cool that someone who doesn't really need to do something like that can just give back to somebody who's trying to get known, to get their music out there. That was really super cool of him to do it, you know."


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