Groove Me

Album: Maximum Balloon (2010)


  • This is the opening track from the self-titled debut solo album by producer and TV on the Radio guitarist Dave Sitek, which he recorded under the name of Maximum Balloon.
  • This song features Theophilus London. Sitek explained to The Guardian September 15, 2010: "Theophilus is a rapper and musician from Brooklyn. I got hired by his label to do some sessions with him and we hit it off really well. I played him some Maximum Balloon stuff and he was like, 'I love that!' so I said, 'Well you can be on it!' He just threw down some verses. His intuition is flawless – the guy can jump on anything. I don't hear the Neptunes comparisons myself, but I definitely take them as a compliment."
  • Sitek discussed the record's lyrical content: "It's a little bit easier to make sex songs outside of the magnitude of TV On the Radio. I'm glad I was able to get visceral sex energy on to this record. If there was a way I could get barbecue on to a record too, I would. A scented record! Because food and sex … well, there you go. The immediacy of this record was liberating - there's no shroud of secrecy behind the music. I want people to hear it when they're in their cars, at a cheque-cashing place, making out with their girlfriend, wherever. Initially there was no intention for Maximum Balloon to be anything beyond my own selfish experiment so I was a little bit shocked that a major label wanted to put it out. But it was a release to be able to do whatever I wanted and not have to worry."


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