Kids In Love

Album: Anywhere But Here (2010)
  • This is the second single from Florida pop/punk band Mayday Parade's second album, Anywhere But Here. Frontman Derek Sanders told MTV News that the song "was written about the summer that I turned 17, when I was going down to St. Pete to see this girl down there, and doing all the stuff that kids do."
  • The song's music video, which follows four kids on a debauched road trip, has provoked controversy with its three-plus minutes of drugs, violence, nudity and sex. The clip has been banned from YouTube, and angered a portion of Mayday's fan base. Sanders told MTV News: "When we first started thinking about the video, we knew what we didn't want to do, because we've done the video where we're just playing somewhere, and, to be honest, a lot of other bands have done that too. So when we were approached by [director Josh Mond] and saw the idea he had, we knew it was a risk, but we wanted to do it. And then, when we saw the first cut of the video, we were like, 'Wow, that was extreme.'"
  • Sanders admitted that the negative reaction from some of Mayday's fans, who called the video "embarrassing" and "pointlessly explicit" had taken he his bandmates by surprise. "The negative reaction, it bothers me. I hate to see people say they've lost respect for us or that they're no longer going to be fans of our band, but luckily, that's just one extreme of all the feedback we got," he said. "A lot of our fans also loved it. But I understand why some people were upset. We're not saying the things in the video are good, not by any means. And I do agree I wouldn't want my 13-year-old cousin to see it."
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