Oh Well, Oh Well

Album: Mayday Parade (2011)


  • This was the first single from Mayday Parade's third album. It's about someone who has recently been dumped and is having an extremely hard time accepting it at first, but in the end decides they can survive being just friends with the other person. The verses demonstrate the stages of grieving - in the first, he is sad, in the second, he is angry ("Oh well, oh well, guess I'll see you in hell"), in the third he is in denial as he talks about "climbing through the window to get to [his ex's] bed" and finally, in the end, he accepts the situation, saying, "I'll be just what you need, you can call me anything just as long as we're still friends." >>
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    Hannah - Gustavus, OH
  • The gothic animated music video, created by Thunder Down Country, finds lead singer Derek Sanders rescued from the grave by his bandmates before being hunted by a gang of ghouls. The idea was born out of budgetary constraints. "We originally wanted to do it live action, but couldn't afford the budget," bassist Jeremy Lenzo told Immortal Music. "So we thought, 'Hey if we can't do it with real people, then we will make it like a comic.'"

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  • Nick from PhilippinesIt`s all over my head since i heard it 2017. i Got curious to watch the Music Video. so the MV was not related to the song itself?
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