Hate Your Guts


  • This song finds the McBusted boys teaming up with Mark Hoppus. The Blink 182 bassist and vocalist also helped the band pen the track "Sensitive Guy." McFly's Tom Fletcher said: "He'd been such a huge influence on our song writing that to finally get in a room with him was so fun, if slightly surreal."
  • Guitarist Tom Fletcher and bassist Dougie Poynter originally penned this for McFly but it didn't fit in with the band's other material. "It was really dark and not as tongue-in-cheek as it is now," Fletcher explained to Digital Spy. "It was always one of those songs that would come up and me and Doug were like, 'Remember that song with this idea?' But then we'd never finish it."

    "When we went into the studio with Mark Hoppus, we wondered if he'd like it," he continued. "We played it to him - that, the idea for 'Sensitive Guy,' and another two ideas - and he really liked it."

    Pointer added: "He thought it would be funnier if it was wishing really s--t things upon somebody. Like their phone running out of battery. Or a small paper cut."


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