Ashes In Your Mouth

Album: Countdown to Extinction (1992)
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  • This song is about general hopelessness for the future of humanity. The song says that since man has always turned to war in the past, war is the only thing that we can expect in the future. Therefore, we can anticipate Judgment Day and and hope that God will be merciful. >>
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    Jon - Sweden
  • Both guitarist David Ellefson and frontman Dave Mustaine are committed Christians. However, Ellefson told the Raleigh Evangelical Examiner that rather than Megadeth being a "Christian band," they are "a band that has Christians in it." He added: We've used concepts and scripture in our songs for years. One example is in 'Ashes in Your Mouth' where we say, 'Turning plowshares into swords.'"

    Our Bible expert tells us that the quote is from the Old Testament Book of Joel 3:10, which reads: "Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears. Let the weakling say, 'I am strong!'" (New International Version ©1984)
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  • Danica from Silver Springs, Nvactually this song is about the negative aftermath of war, asking the question was it really worth it???Is destroying a country and looting its riches really worth it? For example, Saddam Hussein setting all those Kuwaiti oil wells on fire and the ensuing economic and environmental holocaust. Did the sweet taste of vindication turn to ashes in your mouth, Saddam?
  • Phil from Melbourne, AustraliaAnother beauty great lyrics once again, an absolute classic metal album much better than the metallica black album but to hard for commercial success
  • Jeff from La Pine, Ornever really listened to this song or cared for it that much i always just thought it was a stupid song
  • Rob from Strongsville, OhDefinitely a Megadeth classic!!!
  • Dallas from Viking, Canadamy favorite megadeth song ever
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