Don't Turn Your Back…

Album: Super Collider (2013)


  • This is a song from Megadeth's 14th studio album, Super Collider. All but one of the tracks were penned by frontman Dave Mustaine. He told about his writing for the disc. "When I write," he said, "I'll try to figure out how to capture it. Sometimes it'll be my phone or a recording device. I'll transfer it to somewhere until I can sit back and listen to it again.

    "Part of the first process is locating everything. I'll be lying in bed and call my voicemail and I'll go, 'na na na, na na na, na na,' with my hand over the phone so I don't wake my wife up. Several times she'd wake up and say, 'Who are you calling?!' So locating the riffs is first and then playing them and translating them to guitar. Then it's piecing it together. It's pretty fun."

    "Lyrics are usually the last thing that gets done," he continued. "I'm a stickler for lyrics. I don't want to sound arrogant, but guitar is fun for me, so it comes natural. The lyric part is where I challenge myself because there's a lot of people that respect."
  • Megadeth drummer Shawn Drover told the Metal Mayhem show, which airs on the WVOX radio station in New Rochelle, New York, about his contribution to the track. "There's not a ton of twist and turns and it's really in-your-face kind of track, and that was certainly a lot of fun," he said. "That was one of the tunes that I really enjoyed playing in the studio. It was one of the last tunes, I believe, that I recorded for the record doing drums, and that one came together rather quickly for me and I just knew how - that it needed to be thrown down and went in there and did the tracks, the drum tracks for that tune and didn't take very long at all. And that's actually one of my favorites on the record; I really like it. I like the heavy stuff. I'm an advocate for that, so that song definitely is a great metal tune and I really enjoyed performing drum tracks on it."
  • Mustaine's lyrics for this song were inspired by a personal anecdote. "I had a friend that used to run a halfway house," he recalled to LA Weekly. He had a box of stuff from someone that had OD'd and passed away. My friend told me to look through this box; he didn't tell me what it was. There was a High Times magazine and a Polaroid of a guy flexing and posing. I asked my friend what it was, and he said 'It's the dead guy's stuff.' My friend told me he was the kind of guy that will steal your dope and then help you look for it. Everyone has had a friend like that; the type of guy in life that will steal your drugs, or your money. The guy that will sleep with your girlfriend and then whisper in your ear, 'I think he's cheating on you.'"


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