Album: Rust in Peace (1990)
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  • This song is about a ghost that lives in Dave Mustaine's attic. Every now and then, Mustaine sneaks up there at night when everyone else is sleeping so no one will think he's crazy. >>
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    Jon - Sweden

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  • Bryan From Ky from KentuckyI never knew what it meant and was curious so I done a lil checking on it and I believe that Dave prolly named a ghost in his attic....I'm gonna beieve that explanation.
  • Alex from Osos, CaI've heard its about his Gran's Cat.

  • Mud from Sf, CaLucretia is a name. You don't have to be a Roman noblewoman to have the name Luretia; that's what Dave named the ghost. Please know a song before you post a comment about it. And I don't mean to disagree with the other guy but the opening riff in this song pretty much fits in with any of the other intricate and melodic Megadeth riffs. How does a band like Megadeth have a theme? The first time I heard this guitar solo, I thought there was no greater thing to listen to.
  • Chris from Wrentham, MaActually, Lucretia is about a Roman noblewoman whose rape at the hands of the son of the king, Sextus Tarquinius, helped bring about the Roman republic. It has nothing to do with ghosts in the attic.
  • Chapel from Columbus, GaI love this song, but hate it at the same time. The opening riff is really weird; doesn't fit the Megadeth theme much.
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