Album: Killing Is My Business... (1985)


  • This song dates back to Dave Mustaine's days with Metallica, which he joined in 1981. Mustaine says that he had this song when he joined the band, and when he worked it up with Metallica, they ended up incorporating it into a song called "The Four Horsemen," which was released after Mustaine was fired in 1983.

    Mustaine included the song on the first Megadeth album, Killing Is My Business...
  • Complete with references to bulging pistons and hard shifting, this song takes driving and auto repair deep into the sexual realm, something that is very common in the blues tradition (Robert Johnson did it in 1936 on this song "Terraplane Blues").
  • The original Metallica version (titled "The Mechanix") can be found on the band's 1982 demo tape No Life 'Til Leather, which was reissued in 2015. The lineup at the time was Mustaine, James Hetfield (vocals, guitar), Lars Ulrich (drums) and Ron McGovney (bass).

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  • John from Kansas CityFour Horsemen - 203 BPM
    Mechanix - 256 BPM.
    But yeah, Four Horsemen is faster.
    I'm a life-long Metallica fan, and have liked Megadeth for a long time but not much more than their first four albums. Four Horsemen sounds a little crisper to me but there's no question in my mind that Mechanix rocks just as much as Four Horsemen. Both great songs and I'm glad that both were able to find a place in the respective bands' catalogs.
  • Luke from Manchester, United KingdomDiego, Mecahnix is much faster than The Four Horsemen.
    To say differently makes you look stupid.
  • Luke from Manchester, United KingdomThe band are MEGADETH not MEGA DEATH .... Please for the love of Dave, spell it right or get out of the room!
  • C from Prescott Valley, AzAslo, I have yet to find anyone who's comments mention anything about the song "Blessed Are The Dead" from the Megadeth album United Abominations. That song, for me at least, justified things a bit. The reason being that the theme, Four Horsemen of the Appocolypse, was addressed (or re-addressed) in a very well layed out and unique fashion. Now we have something NEW instead of this pissing match between bands over music that was obviously good enough to warrant two versions of it. It's interesting to wonder what Dave was thinking when he wrote that one........for the record Dave is the author of the origional music. They might have chaged the lyrics, but if it weren't for the music (not just that song either), Kill 'Em All mite not have done so well....
  • C from Prescott Valley, AzLet me many Mega Death and Metallica fans have chimed in ont the "Four Horsemen" and "Mechanix" situation. I think most of us agree that there must have been a reason no one was sued in the situation. Dave clearly had rights to the song because otherwise Metallica would have crushed him in court . Most also know that Dave, one of the founding members of Metallica, was resposable for the break-out success of Metallica because of his guitar prowess. I believe Metallica got away with alot of s--t when Dave left and straight ripped him off. Once they replaced Dave and then lost Cliff, the music chaged noticably because they were the music. Both bands have replaced many members and struggled to keep their sound in the midst. That being said, I love Metallica and understand it is just business. I also love Dave, he is a ledgend. I think they sould put their differences aside and collaborate for the fans on something, for the sake of hard rock. Wouldn't a concert wwith both James and Dave and the best of the bands members be awsome?!!!
  • Timmy from Higbee, MoMe being a metallica fan I would usually say that metallica's version is better but, honestly, both mechanix, and four horsemen are great songs.
  • Travis from Charleston, WvMechanix is faster and I think that lends a lot to the song. Dave was, I always thought, a better singer than James, but that's a matter of opinion. Quite frankly the Rude Awakening version is the best and you can't understand a word he's saying because he sings so high. Either way I think the song's awesome. Nothing against the Four Hoursemen, I just like this one better.
  • Derek from Flin Flon, MbIm not even going to compare mechanix to the "other" song.

    I really like the lyrics of this song, its metaphorical and coincedently I work at a service station myself and its kinda funny because a lot of the people I work with talk about the women that come in, i mean its only normal.

    I just wish it actually sounded like he was singing the lyrics, Im beginning to doubt that he actually even says "Made my ball bearings melt from the heat" in the song.

    I love the intro as well, the drums are mad!
  • Jared from Sikeston, MoI think that Mechanix is better.
  • Peter from Los Angeles, CaI personally like the Four Horsemen better cause the solo and vocals sound WAY better... Mechanix is faster and more heavier though.
  • Eli from Wayne, WvHonestly who cares who is better than who? There both awesome bands and its all just opinion noone can prove why one is better than the other. Why dont we just stop comparing them and appreciate them.
  • Mark from Luling, LaMuch more brutal than the four horseman.
  • Rob from Los Angeles, CaIt was about Dave working at a gas station and him day dreaming about screwing the rich women who came to fill up their tanks. Watch the Arsenal of megadeth movie or read the Killing is my business booklet.
  • Chris from Toowoomba, AlDave mustaine is a guitar champion.His riffs just seem tougher and his solo work appeals to me a lot more than kirks. Despite what the song is about, musically its better and who is anyone to say that metallica play it better when it belongs to dave. Its basically metallica just doing a cover and changing the words.
  • Dylan from Olmsted Falls, United StatesI don't care who you are, Metallica and megadeth are THE greatest metal bands ever!! Without Dave in Metallica to begin with, Metallica could of never been unleashed. Thaxs Dave, and Megadeth may not be as popular as Metallica, but man you still kick ass!!
  • Cvas from Ridgefield, CtMetallica is the best band ever. Hands down. The Megadeth version does crank a little bit faster than The Four Horseman does, but that doesn't matter. Metallica's is still better.
  • Diego from Los Angeles, CaO.k. i don't understand those comments. The Four Horsemen is way faster. And way better!!! You can;t beat the MIGHTY METALLICA!!!!
  • Jt from Tullahoma, TnMegadeth's version was cool with the lyrics, and it was faster, but honestly I liked Four Horsemen better becasue it seemed like the definitive thrash track on the album. But don't get me wrong, both rock ass.
  • Evan from Otway, OhHeh...I like this song and all, but a guy having sex in a reapir shop? Come least Metallica's version made a bit more sense...especially lyrics wise. Devon, you'r right, at least you can understand what James is saying in Metallica's version. All in all, my 3rd favorite song by Megadeth.
  • Ringgo from Montclair, CaHm...the Four Horsemen, version 0.5...I like both songs, and this one wins in terms of its originality. I saw a video of Metallica (with Dave!) performing this on YouTube, and man, it looked and sounded sweet. It's funny hearing James Hetfield singing this song's lyrics, though.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandOn the 'Rude Awakenings' DVD, Dave introduces this thusly:

    "There... are two ways you can play this next song. there's our way... And there's THEIR way..."

    Which I thought was quite funny in an immature Dave way.
  • Devon from Westerville, OhMetallica's version is better. Simply because you can understand what Hetfield is singing. I like the Megadeth version but I think that Metallica's is better.
  • Robert from Chicago, Ilbad ass song better than metallica's doing of it, long live megadeth
  • Caleb Kammerud from Long Beach, CaIsn't this song The Four Horsemen, but faster?
  • Nick from Penticton, CanadaDave Mustaine wrote this before he joined Metallica. It is about his job before joining Metallica when he worked in a gas station and fantisizing about sleeping with the rich women that came to the station.
  • Blake from Minden, LaThis song isn't about a man having sex in his repair shop. Its obviously told from the first person and simply using automotive allegory for sex acts and the like.
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