Good Mornin'

Album: The Love Train (2019)
  • Meghan Trainor's father, Gary, is a music teacher and organist; the "All About That Bass" hitmaker always wanted to feature him on one of her songs. The singer got the opportunity one day when she was playing this song on the piano and was having a problem with her fingernails, so she asked him to play it for her.
  • Lyrically this started with Trainor playing some chords and mumbling random phrases. When she came up with "good morning," the singer thought to herself, "Let's talk about that." Trainor explained during a Facebook Q&A: "It happens differently every time, but every time it happens it looks like a spirit is taking over my body and I'm just throwing it up. It's great."
  • Gary Trainor was more than happy to add his own musical touch to the risqué lyrics. "It's kind of weird as the song my dad is on is called 'Good Morning,'" the singer explained to The Daily Star. "It is about 'I don't need coffee I just need your sweet loving in the morning,' so it's kind of weird."

    "We all got over that though... I'm not actually saying anything dirty." Trainor added. "A toddler could sing it and they would think it's just that they need you and coffee to wake up... a good brushing your teeth song you know."
  • Though this is the first timer that Meghan Trainor's father has played on one of his daughter's songs, she previously recorded a tune about him. "Dance Like Yo Daddy" was a track on her 2016 Thank You album.


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