Shake It

Album: Metro Station (2007)
Charted: 6 10


  • The band's MySpace page helped this song become a hit. Trace Cyrus (vocals, guitar) told Cosmo Girl magazine how the website helped them: "It gave us a way to build a fan base without having to put money behind it. It's free publicity, and all you've got to do is make good songs and kids will tell their friends. We were touring before we had an album. Kids were coming to our shows and knowing the words to our songs. MySpace has helped us tons. We owe a lot to it."
  • Numerous fan videos for this song have been posted on YouTube. Mason Musso (Vocals/Guitar) told Cosmo Girl magazine about it: "I think Blake [Healy, synth-bass] was the first one to ever put up a "Shake It" fan video. He really enjoyed it, and ever since then it's just been this weird phenomenon. All these kids just keep making 'Shake It' videos and we keep putting them up on our MySpace."
  • Mason Musso told We Don't Buy Your Merch how they came up with name Metro Station: "It was only me and Trace at the time, and we weren't really stuck on it, but I was like, 'Dude, we ought to be named Metro Station' and he was like, 'Yeah, yeah we can go with it,' then, when Trace met Blake, and we were gonna do the name, it just kinda stuck with us."
  • The song's success meant that Trace Cyrus became the third member of his family to have a US Top 10 hit following his stepfather Billy Ray and half-sister Miley.
  • Trace Cyrus (from Rolling Stone Magazine: "We never thought this one would succeed. At first we just had the chorus. Our manager told us, 'You need to write verses for this.'"

Comments: 16

  • Zeech from West Palm Beach, FlIt's one of the best songs in the past few years. Very catchy.
  • Mariah from Rainier, OrI had to dance to this in a dance off, we did a lot of cheer moves and lifts, but this song is great to dance to.
  • Emily from Around Chicago, IlThis song is too catchy to dislike for what its about. It reminds me of "Don't Trust Me" by 3!Oh!3!. Both are catchy, but really, stealing your word Blake from London) rude.
  • Ashleigh from ?????, MoI know what the song is about and I still like it. My motto is if you don't like a song don't listen to it. That's what I have to say to all the ppl who dislike this song.
  • Rebecca from Cleveland, Ohoh yaeh defenitely metro station is like the best band in the whole entire world ther is noone that is better.... Mason Musso is going to be my husband before long, he is so amazing... i think i may be a little bit obsessed but i cannot help it when it comes to them

    Rock on because Rebecca loves you...
  • Brittany from Townsville, AustraliaOver here in The Ville (Townsville, Australia) it has been in the top 10 for i dunno how long but its a bloody wicked song, me and 2 other girls made a dance for it!!!
  • Gabbi from San Jose, CaI hate to admit it but I love this song.
  • Cati from Atlanta, GaLol, it's so funny how-like- no radio stations or people who love this song so much know what its about. lol, everyone thinks its dancing. XD Then you look aat the lyrics and...
  • Blake from London, United KingdomThis is an incredibly rude song. It should be banned from radio. It has rather explicit language and the meaning is totally rubbish. Seriously. If you have ever bothered to actually listen to the lyrics you will realise how shallow the song is. It promotes pre-marital sex and if you want more information about why this it is wrong then please reply. It also takes away a lot of human dignity by making people out to be objects that are 'touched' and 'manipulated'. Unfortunately, I have to admit it is quite catchy, but stop and listen too hard and I want to throw up.
  • Heather from El Paso, TxI love this song!!!!! It makes you wanna dance like no one's lookin :)-<
  • Cor from Columbia, Scyou can really tell where the new stuff is on the CD.
    i listened to them before they even had a CD and the older stuff is so much better
  • Keith from St. Joseph, MoI like the song overall but the lyrics are too basic. They should have had a better story and better chorus.
  • Keith from St. Joseph, MoI like the song overall but the lyrics are too basic. They should have had a better story and better chorus.
  • Daniel from Jacksonville, Flthis song kicks ass! my g/f introduced me to it, and i've loned it ever since...! Metro Station Kicks ASS!
  • Taylor from Kelowna, CanadaOMG!!!
    i love this song
    I listen to it like 1000 times a day
    I love Metro Station!!!!
  • Alayna from Somewhere, NjOh my gosh, this song is always stuck in my head! I love it!
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