Her World or Mine

  • This Brett Beavers, Jamie Paulin and Travis Denning penned breakup song describes a split that has left one half of the couple far more heartbroken than the other.

    One of us don't even notice
    When the radio plays that song
    One of us breaks down and has to pull over
    Whenever it comes on

    Speaking with PopCulture, Ray explained that he knew the song was special as soon as he heard it. "Breakups are tough, and we've all been on one side of this song or the other," he said. "I think scars from our past relationships, although shared, aren't really talked about."
  • When Ray added "Her World or Mine" to his live show in 2018, his fans immediately embraced the tune and its message. The singer told The Boot that he has heard several stories about how the song has helped people.

    "Maybe somebody has a person where they thought that relationship was over, or it's helped somebody to call that person that they were kind of on the fence about," Ray said. "People have told me they've called someone and been like, 'I heard this song, and it made me realize I don't want to be in that position. It's not worth it being without you.'"
  • The song's music video tells a story from Ray's own childhood as a young boy watches his world fall apart. The clip stars One Tree Hill actor Chad Michael Murray as the husband in a troubled marriage.

    "I wanted to tell the story of my parents' divorce and that part of my life – the confusion and the fact that it wasn't easy for a while," Ray said. "And losing my grandparents was a massive hit, not only to me, but my whole family."


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