by Mika

Album: Life In Cartoon Motion (2007)
Charted: 59
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  • Mika wrote this song as a message to his younger sister, warning her not to have sex too soon as it would "mean something very different to guys than it would to her."
  • The little girl who appears at the beginning saying, "What's the big idea?" and again saying the "I went walking..." part is Mika's cousin. She got the star treatment during recording sessions, as she was put up in a fancy Hollywood hotel.
  • At the beginning of 2007, the chart rules were changed allowing downloads to be eligible for the chart with or without a physical equivalent. While "Blag, Steal And Borrow" by KOOPA became the first song to chart without ever being released physically, this became on February 11 2007 the first track from a newly released album to register enough sales to enter the Top 75. It was officially the 62nd best selling "single" in the UK that week despite only being an album track.
  • The song is featured in a key scene in Pitch Perfect 2 sung by the Treblemakers. Mika commented to Billboard magazine: "It's just funny how things happen, you know? Music syncs, film and television for me have been such a powerful engine, and the reach of that stuff just around the world is a massive, massive part of my career as a writer."

    "And it's funny that in America, where I'm the least commercial of artists in a sense, compared relatively to my other markets, it also offers me the biggest opportunities and platforms for my music. It just shows you, the one thing about my career - it shows you there are a million ways to crack an egg. There's so many ways to form a career in today's landscape, and it just takes a lot of work, a lot of legwork."

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  • Michael from New York City, NyFinally! A modern-day song where lollipop isn't an obvious metaphor for a penis! I love Mika!
  • Jessie Steele from Bartlett, TnAmy i think i know why Mika isnty a hit here in the states

    Because he's original, and has meaning behind his lyrics lol.
    UIm not saying all american bands are stupid and shallow but the ones now are.
    I love Mika,hes so happy,and you just haver to grinand forget about the bad things that happen when you listen to a song by him
  • Amy from Liverpool, United Kingdomi agree with cassie mika is so damn amazing and he looks great in skinnies
  • E.j from Townsville, Australia"This was a message to my little sister, telling her not to have sex too soon, because it would mean something very different to guys than it would to her, and so be very careful.

    But I had a lot of fun getting my message across in the melody and lyric!

    The little girl is my cousin, one of the most hilarious girls I have ever met. So when the opportunity came up to use a child's voice in Lollipop she was the only person I had in mind.

    I put her up in a snazzy Hollywood hotel and she was completely spoilt for about four days, like a true star."

    Interview was on this website
    but I couldn't find the exact link. however, the entire interview has been pasted here
    hope that helped. =]
  • Richel from Santa Ana, Cawe all try to hunt love down...
    but then it isn't so easy to live life and let love enter our lives...
  • Amy from Baltimore, MdI really like Mika. I'm surprised he hasn't had huge success in the states.
  • Kenneth from Johnsonburg, PaIt's a real obvious meaning.
    This is what I got from it:
    Trying too hard to find love is going to ruin it;

    "Sucking to hard on your lollipop
    Oh, loves gonna get you down
    Say love, say love
    Oh, loves gonna get you down."
    Lollipop being love and the sucking attempts to find it. It's just going to bring you down by looking for it, also:
    "I was walking with my momma one day
    When she warned me what people say
    Live your life until love is found
    Or loves gonna get you down."
    Wait for love to come to you, don't go for it. Until the point in which it finds you, live your life. If you look for it, it'll only bring you down.
  • Cassie from Overland Park, KsI love Mika! He's amazing!
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