Album: Coup De Grace (2018)
  • The first track to be released from Miles Kane's Coup De Grace album is a written collaboration with Jamie T and Lana Del Rey. Speaking on Annie Mac's BBC Radio 1 show in April 2018, Kane explained how he got both stars to work with him on the song. "Last January, Jamie T was in LA doing a little gig and we'd planned to some writing together that we'd been saying we'd do for 10 years," he said. "As I walked in [to the gig], Lana Del Rey was there."

    He continued to say that Lana Del Rey asked what he was doing that week. Kane told her of his writing plans, and she FaceTimed the pair the next day to ask if she could join them. "We were like, 'This is mental'," Kane said. "So she came over and we finished writing 'Loaded' in that afternoon. There was a lot of tunes that were written in that time, but this one's stuck around."
  • Miles Kane recalled to The Independent how Lana Del Rey contacted him and Jamie XX after they'd started writing "Loaded":

    "We started this tune, went out, got a coffee, and Lana FaceTimed us!" he exclaimed. "No text, just straight to FaceTime. It was so surreal. She asked what we were up to and then she came over in the afternoon, and it was mental, we had a chorus for her and then she said 'can I try something?' and just nailed it, straight away off the cuff. And I was like 'f--- me.' She's an incredible writer."
  • The song was heavily influenced by Jamie T's brand of rap rock music. "Doing that more rhythmical delivery was something we experimented with…that kinda gave it a new thing for me," Miles Kane told NME. "I loved it. It opened up a new door."


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