See You Again

Album: Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus (2007)
Charted: 11 10
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  • This song samples the 1984 Corey Hart track "Sunglasses At Night."
  • In this song, Cyrus is looking forward to seeing a guy she really likes. She got choked up the last time they saw each other, and wants another shot.
  • Cyrus wrote this song along with songwriters Antonina Armato and Tim James. Armato also co-wrote the 1988 Brenda K. Starr hit "I Still Believe;" Tim James' credits include "All This Time" by Tiffany and "Potential Breakup Song" by Aly & AJ.
  • Cyrus sings about her "Best friend Lesley" in this song. According to Entertainment Weekly (January 18, 2008), this is Lesley Patterson, who Cyrus met when they were 6-year-old cheerleaders in Tennessee. Lesley is not the girl appearing in leaked photos with Cyrus around the time this song was released.

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  • Travis D from Los Angeles See i view this song in a way darker meaning. Living in Hollywood and i knowing the game what if it’s about selling her soul ;) read the lyrics and think of it in that light also go look on Spotify for see you again. Just my opinion.
  • Audrey from Lawrance, MaI love this song so much.
  • Victoria from Bethany, OkThis song is OK but no one really likes Miley Cyrus anymore. That's a fact. She's OK to me, though.
  • Teala from Boston, Mano Dakota, Cody Linleys nickname leslie came from her real like best friend Lesley. you know nothing.
  • Rubi from Tucson, Azhaha everyonne look at this! xD
    read the lyrics,
    and bleep out the words in commas

    I got my sights set on you and I'm ready to "aim"
    I have a "heart" that will never be tamed
    I knew you were something special
    When you "spoke" my "name"
    Now I can't wait to "see" you again

    I've got a way of knowing when something is right
    I feel like I must have "known" you in another life
    Cause I felt this deep connection when you "looked" in my "eyes"
    Now I can't wait to "see" you again

    The last time I "freaked" out
    I just kept looking down
    I st-st-stuttered when you asked me what I'm thinking about
    Felt like I couldn't breathe
    You asked what's wrong with me
    My best friend Lesley said Oh she's just being "Miley"
    The next time we hang out
    I will "redeem" myself
    My "heart" can't rest till then
    Woh woh I
    I can't wait to "see" you again

    I got this crazy feeling, deep inside
    When you called and asked to "see" me tomorrow night
    I'm not a mind reader but I'm reading the signs
    That you can't wait to "see" me again


    I got my sights set on you and I'm ready to "aim"


    Woh woh I
    I can't wait to "see" you again

    LOL wasnt that great?
  • Brittany from Wolfeboro, NhI love fixing the song with my best friends name. "my best friend lily said oh shes just being brittany"
  • Nick from Knoxville, Tnto mark, who referred to miley as today's Debbie Gibson:
    Debbie Gibson primarily wrote and produced all her own music.
    i don't think miley did much producing, and her credits are as co-writer.

    Debbie Gibson is a godess compared to today's dribble.
  • Ashley from City, IaThis is a total ripoff of Sunglasses at Night. Not a "sample", a rip-off. This song has no meaning and is dull and pointless. There are so many people with talent in the world, and the fame is all wasted on this stupid girl.
  • Kristen from Philadelphia, PaI KNEW IT SAMPLED THE SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT !
    how unoriginal? i was listening to sunglasses at night, and was like SEE YOU AGIAN WOW COPIER!

    people need to stop saying they know miley, doubt they do.

    and she does not even have good lyrics...
    i could provide you with lyrics 100x better.
  • Matthew from Sayre, PaYet another page filled with comments by kids...lame.
  • Lauren from Fenton, MiBrooklyn GO DIE ur ugly like miley
  • Lauren from Fenton, Minghjgh
  • Lauren from Fenton, MiWow Dakota You must really pay attention I bet you are actually right about That... I would have never thought of that lol
  • Dakota from York,Mark ur a loser.
    and also accordin to my friend jason earles some facts are wrong.
    the part bout Leslie is Refering to Miley's co-star "jake ryan" because jake tells miley that his real name is Leslie. Also jake tells miley that her secret is safe with him. and when Billy Ray says "Who in Sam heck is Leslie?" Miley responds back "A very close friend." and only a true friend would say "she's just bein Miley." also in the song it says "i st-st-stuttered when he asked me what i'm thinkin bout."
  • Robyn from Twillingate, NlOK mark brown, In all matter of opinion but I think Billy Ray is very talented and so is miley!!!...You should not judge!!
  • Destiny from Pittsburgh, Pahey aubree thats pretty cool... and mark, ur face is pure crap! plus billy ray is a good singer!
  • Mark from Byrdstown, TnPure crap from a kid that is todays Debbie Gibson.And the worst thing is Miley's no talent dad is using her 15 minutes to try and get another 15 for himself.How sad is that?
  • Aubree from Evergreen Park, Ilim mileys sisters friend!
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