So What

Album: The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste (1989)
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  • The sample in this song sounds like it comes from an Ed Wood movie, but Ministry lead singer Al Jourgensen tells us that's not the case. "That's actually not an Ed Wood movie," said Jourgensen. "It predates way before that. I forget the name of the movie, but it was a 1950s release about juvenile delinquents, like the judge was taking them to task about being delinquents. Female delinquents, oddly enough. So that made it even worse in the '50s: Oh, females are rising up. It was really grotesque, and I had to sample it."
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  • Andrew from OregonThis is from "The Violent Years" and I made that association after seeing it on "Mystery Science Theater 3000" Original air date 10/08/1994
  • Jake from Chicago, IlActually if you watch The Violent Years, its at the end, edited down for the song but almost verbatim.
  • Mike182 from Pittsburgh, PaThis song is insane menacingly evil good fun. I love the in your face bravado of it. Do what you want for kicks and if someone calls you on it....So what. Classic! Ministry will always be the band of outrage and rage.
  • Emilio from Valencia, SpainHere sings Chris Connelly, a UK ( Ireland? Wales?) bloke that was in Finitribe amongst others.
    There´s a killer rendition with him on the live VCR/CD In case you didn´t fell like showing up...
    They still play it live great,but watch out as they do their final tour in 2008! Don´t miss it!
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