Virginia Bluebell

Album: Revolution (2009)


  • Lambert wrote this with Natalie Hemby and Jennifer Kennard. She said: "Natalie has such cool ideas that I would never think of. I always go straight to love gone bad—pretty much the same thing all the time. I didn't really know what a Virginia bluebell was. But it's a little flower that hangs down like a bell, and it sort of droops, but it's beautiful. This song is something so different for me. I've never heard a song like that and never would have thought of writing it on my own. The dead flowers came back to life as Virginia bluebells!"

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  • Roger from Philadelphia, PaI am a pastor and I see the song on several levels: the singer's love for a pretty flower; a lover comparing his beloved to a flower, as the writer of "Song of Songs" in the Old Testament compared his beloved to the rose of Sharon; and a symbol of the Kingdom of God and God's love for his people, which the Jews did with the "Song of Songs." That's why the "Song of Songs" got into the Bible. Jesus did this when he compared the Kingdom to a tiny mustard seed which grew into a plant big enough for the birds to make a home in it. The bluebell shines light into dark places and brings joy to the saddest faces.
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