One Minute Man

Album: Miss E... So Addictive (2001)
Charted: 10 15


  • The Dominoes had a hit in 1951 with "Sixty Minute Man," about a guy who takes his time pleasing his lover. Missy presents the opposite on this track: the man who can last only 60 seconds.

    "One Minute Man" debuted on Missy Elliott's third studio album, Miss E... So Addictive, and featured guest performer Ludacris, who offers advice on how to avoid being a "minute man" - "It's all in your mind, so keep your head tight," he suggests.
  • Elliott described the inspiration for "One Minute Man" in a 2001 interview with the Observer Music Monthly: "I've had so many men that've been like, 'You wait, you get me in the bedroom and zoom, zoom, zoom.' You get them in the bedroom and it's like, 'What? It's over? Already?' The song is my revenge on those dudes and a wake-up call to the male species. Get your s--t together in the bedroom!"

    She later added: "As soon as I experienced it, I knew I had to write a song about it. I knew there must be other females who'd experienced one-minute men. It's all good, though, there's Viagra!"

    She claimed after the album was released she never had another problem with a "one minute man" again.


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