Dukes Up

Album: Sad Sappy Sucker (2001)
  • Modest Mouse singer/songwriter Isaac Brock seems to hate this song. When asked to play it at an Ugly Casanova (another band he has a hand in) concert, he responded, "I wouldn't play that, even for the band it was written for."
  • The song is about fistfights. In the old days, you could challenge someone to a fight by telling them to "Put up your dukes." >>
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    Andrew - Abyss, PA, for above 2

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  • Mark from Tacoma, WaIsaac Brock has a lousy memory, "Dukes up" was recorded in 93 and more then likely has forgotten how to play it. When asked to play " Talking s--t About A Pretty Sunset" at a concert in Seattle, he replied he couldnt rememeber how to play it to save his life.
    Mr. Brock likes to drink and that does effect ones memory, I think, if I remember correctly.
  • Dani from Nyc, Nyi'm taking the next plane down to virginia, just so that i can slap you.
  • Katie from Washington, Vayou spelled ugly casanova wrong.
  • Jake from San Fran, CaThis songs off the album "Sad Sappy Sucker". Its I really like the songs intro, but the singing style is so differnt from what Brocks style had evoled into. Plus the "fan" who requested the songs was probably a *ick. Why would you request a Modest Mouse song during an Ugly Cassonova Concert?
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