Pulp Fiction

Album: My Dinosaur Life (2010)


  • The lyrics for this piano-driven Rock number were written by frontman Justin Pierre during a break in songwriting when he was vacationing in Japan. They tell the story of a stranger in a strange land, at the same time name-checking everything—and everyone—from Miami Vice to pulp magazine author Seabury Quinn.
  • Bass player Matt Taylor told Alternative Press: "'Pulp Fiction' started as a mostly electronic idea I had recorded at home on my laptop. I only had the verse and chorus parts at that time. I sent it to Justin while he was on a solo trip in Japan to see if he liked it. He put some vocals on it and immediately sent it back to me. Then we played it for the band and everyone liked it, so we demoed the two parts with real drums, guitars, and bass. We didn't have a bridge for the song until we got to pre-production with Mark [Hoppus, producer]."

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  • Caitlyn from Royersford, PaI think it's a song about slasher movies, comic books, and other geeky stuff like that, that Justin picked up in Japan. Love the song, love the album, love the band!!! More people need to comment!!
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