Prosperity Gospel

Album: Digital Garbage (2018)


  • Prosperity theology is a belief among some Christians that financial blessing is always God's will for them. This teaching has figured prominently in televangelism, where the preachers assure their flock that donations to their work will increase their material wealth. However, those who send money get little in return but phony promises - and as a result, many of them have turned away from the Christian faith. The teaching of prosperity gospel televangelists is not biblical (though they hand pack selected biblical verses to support their doctrines).
  • "Prosperity Gospel" was the first song completed by Mudhoney during a February 2017 writing session. In it they subvert Jesus' saying that a camel passing through the eye of a needle enters the kingdom of God more easily than a rich man.

    There's a loophole
    They've got a giant needle
    If you can pay the price
    They'll let you ride a camel through the eye

    In Mudhoney's song the rich man gets round the problem of his wealth by making a giant needle. "These people have got loopholes for tax, so now they've got a religious loophole for the afterlife," frontman Mark Arm laughed to Mojo. "It doesn't matter how terrible the things you do, if you're rich enough."


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