Cemetery Drive

Album: Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge (2004)
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  • This song is a tale of a woman who has been cheating on her husband and can no longer stand the pain of it all. Instead of admitting to it, she takes her own life: "And they found you on the bathroom floor singing songs that make you slit your wrists, it isn't that much fun, staring down a loaded gun." >>
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    Rhiannon - Manchester, England
  • According to Disorder magazine, this song is about a girlfriend Gerard Way had in college who committed suicide. >>
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    Samantha - Nowheresville, WA

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  • Reeblite from ArizonaChris, Thanks for the clarification. I pictured when listening to this song an alcohol/drug/ sex fun time "Way down" chorus, young kids never looked at the song in that manner. I always thought "The Jetset Life Is Going To Kill You" and "Drowning Lessons" were about her as well. I'd say Gerard was hooking up with her while she was engaged. She must have been a beauty. Nice to hear a happy ending for her. Hope you had one as well.
  • Chris from EnglandI can clear the whole thing up and this is fact not speculation or rumour. The song is actually written about Gerard's old girlfriend, who was my girlfriend after they split. She lived in the Bronx NY and had an infatuation with cemeteries and loved doing everything in them. She lived with her separated ex husband(and father of her son)while dating both myself and Gerard(which I always found a bit strange) She had a huge problem with self harming at the time and had been in and out of mental institutions. Gerard was infatuated with her even after they split and even offered us both tickets to concerts to see her again(which I refused). To also clear something else up, she never killed herself and is now remarried, still living in the Bronx and fit and well.
  • Rae from Buxton, NcThis is so beautiful, it is one of my favorites. Its sad but so is life but mcr makes it better
  • Logan from Indianapolis, Inits a really sad song but i luve it!! :( Gerard must of been really depressed if his gf commited suicide in college!! i mean really! its soo sad! but i really lik the song!!!
  • Nicole from Bronx, United KingdomMCR is the best, all their songs read my life I love them
  • Punkgal from Leeds, United Kingdommcr at their best... i love em. thru gud times and bad.
  • Jonah from Calgary, AbIn the lyrics "It isn't that much fun, staring down a loaded gun.", it is interesting (and possibly important) to know that when Gerard was 15 he was mugged at gunpoint. Since the song is supposed to be about a girlfriend he had in high school, 15 is in high school in the states (I think) he may be referencing the mugging because it could have happened around the time his girlfriend passed away.
  • Angela from Cartersville, Georgiamaggie from your closet? (wierd) is so funny like she said staring down a loaded gun and so she shot herself!! but i still like this song very much and i feel bad for gerard he had he heart broken....=(
  • Alan from The Meadow Of Rainbows, United KingdomIts about a woman who is cheating on her husband, told from the woman's other boyfriend's point of view
  • Beth from South Point, Ohthis song is about the woman, the man she was cheating with, and her husband, whom she was cheating on. It's talking about how the man she was cheating on her husband with cares more about the fact she's dead than her husband does.
  • Ed from Rugby, EnglandI just thought it was about a guy who wanted and loved a girl so much, someone who he used to be with but lost.
    And he is just dying to be with her, and is sinking lower and lower cus he can't have her, and she's possibly leading him on and making things harder for him so he can't let go.
    Although tbh, thats probably just my own personal experiences interpreting that wrong. :P
  • Maggie from Your Closet, CaAND, "Staring down a loaded gun" therefor she shot herself.
  • Maggie from Your Closet, CaI believe that it is that Gerard had a girlfriend in college who was dating him, but she then got married and had been cheating on her husband with Gerard, and she realized how she had broken hearts, and killed herself. And "And the collision of your kiss that made it so hard" is most likely that he really couldn't get over the fact that she had died, either that or because she was married to another guy.
  • Amber from Houston, TxSo So Much LOL
  • Amber from Houston, Txi love Gerard Way
  • Ashley from Gosport, Inthis is MY FAVORITE SONG EVER! they are my favorite band (my chemical romance) i love all of them gerard,frankie,ray,bob,and mikey =D they are all smexxyy mofo's luv you guyz -ashezz
  • Chelsey from Patton, Paahh!! ignore wat I just said I was thinkin about another song...ahh!!! SORRY!
  • Chelsey from Patton, Panot while he was in high skool but like when he was in high skool
  • Chelsey from Patton, PaHe said that he wrote this about while he was in high school and he liked this one girl and she took some really sleezy pics with her bf and he got upset about it
  • Spongemonkey from Sumwhere, NyIt's about a friend of MCR,who committed suicide b4 their first tour.
    She was just a frind
  • Amber from New York, Nylife would be so much easier if someone from the band would just tell us wat all their songs are about.... but i think they like to keep us guessing
  • Katie from Temecula, Cawow this song is amazing!!! its so sad tho gerard way was never married!!!! this is about a woman who marrys a guy she thinks she loves but latyer on she finds out she dosent but its 2 late... shes already married him... so she goes 2 the main character of the story 4 comfort but shes so unhappy that she slits her wrists and dies in the bathroom
  • Ali from Oxford, PaI have to disagree with Nick from Downingtown. Gerard had never been formerly married, and it has never been known if he had actually dated the girl the song was for. Although, it has been speculated that this song was written about a close friend of Mikey and Gerard's, who after they left to go on tour, killed herself.
  • Nick from Downingtown, PaThen he wanted to continue his career in music as he had started Three Cheers. So he dedicated a song to Antoinette (I think that is the right spelling. And to all those who said it was just a plain old story, most of the story behind the first album was inspired by September 11th.
  • Jen from Mchenry, IlI think this song is about a girl that gerard likes/loves who got married to some other guy who she doesnt love but she cheats on her husband with gerard then her husband finds out she gets mad and she commits suicide and gerard is sad and misses her and he is singing "is this what you always want me for" because he felt like she was just using him. But that is just my guess.
  • Hannah from Hampshire, Englandi think this is about a woman who got married to a man who she now does't love. She seeks comfort with her friend and goes drinking with him in the cemetry. Her friend is in love with her but doesn't want to confront her about her problems for fear of losing her. However she ends up slitting her wrists in the bathroom and he looses her anyway. The message of this song is that sometimes the easiest think (like ignoring someones problems) isn't the right thing to do.
  • Aisling from Dublin, Irelandas far as im aware, its about a close friend of mikeys and gerard who commitred suicide and how it has affected them...if remove the main lyrics of the song theres a hidden msg...its on youtube...dont no if its real or not.
  • Nicki from Pittsburgh, Padis somg is da best
  • Zier from --, Inand samatha, i don't think it was his girlfriend. i think it was a close personal friend.
  • Zier from --, InI think this song is about a lady who is unhappy with her new marrage. So she goes out and has an affair. Then she kills herself by sliting her wrists becasue she feels terrible about it. But it's hard for her at first becasue she remembers the first kiss her and her husband had.
  • Tj from Nyc, Nywhen i think of it I think it's about a person who killed herself in the bathroom in a cemetery because it sed she slit her wrists and on the bathroom floor she marked the grave
    look at the lyrics
  • Chelsey from Lake Charles, Lawgen i hear this song i think it is about a wife that thought she loved her husband but she killed her self because she relized she was not happy with him...this is very sad song.
  • Jenna from Winnipeg, Canadareally it was his frind not his girlfriend but the song is very emotional,cause she was already married
  • Josh from Middleburg Hts., Ohcry when i hear it
  • Haizel from Anchorage, Akfave song! :]
  • Ophelia from Jerusalem, IsraelThis song is about about adultery, and someone is having an affair with a married woman. In the song it's like he's believing she will come back even though she's dead. "Crash the cemetery gates, in the dress you husband hates". This like saying she can wear that dress, in order to spite her husband.
    "And they found you on the bathroom floor". That's finding this particular persons dead body on the floor. But it's the man who has killed her, and the collision of her kiss made it so hard for him to do it.
  • Ruby from Norwhich, United Statesthis is a fabulous song.
    gerard is so talented and should be known for that and not for his past alcholic and druggy thing.
  • Grace from Anchorage, Canadathis song is really good,and it is very sad..,Gerard gets very emotional at the end of the song and transmits this emotion to the listeners..this is an excellent song .
  • Loren from ...?, PaI always thought it was about a woman who the man in the song loved very much, but she went and got married to a man she thought she loved. When it turns out that the man that she married does not really love her, she becomes depressed and turns to the main guy in the story for comfort, in the song's case it is drinking in a cemetery. The guy that did not marry her still loves her through it all, and is reflecting on what happened and how much he misses her once somebody found her dead. He spends his time in the cemetery in an attempt to feel closer to her. This is a really good song, I recommend it very highly.
  • Elizabeth from J-ville, Flaccording to what Gerard said on their live album, "This song is about the hardest drive me and Mikey and my band ever went on..."
  • Melissa from Delhi, Cai thought this song is about "This song is about about adultery, and someone is having an affair with a married woman. In the song it's like he's believing she will come back even though she's dead. "Crash the cemetery gates, in the dress you husband hates". This like saying she can wear that dress, in order to spite her husband.
    "And they found you on the bathroom floor". That's finding this particular persons dead body on the floor. But it's the man who has killed her, and the collision of her kiss made it so hard for him to do it." this is from imnotokay.net and if you listen to the words u should see how this person from imnotokay.net got this
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