Album: The Black Parade (2006)


  • In this track, it sounds like the patient it now dead, and someone is asking, have you heard you're dead? do you know you're dead? is this fair that you died? and how it might feel to be informed that you're not dying, but that you're actually dead. It's about how life isn't funny, you shouldn't take it for granted, and for all those people who do take it for granted, how can they just sit there and laugh life away when this character is dead, and he had no choice. There are thousands of others out there dying who are asking/thinking the same thing. >>
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    Gerard - Prince George, BC

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  • Jp from ChileI think the song uses the patient's "death" on this song in a way that he is not dead, he has cancer and only 2 weeks to live, so he is with a death sentence but he is not totally dead
  • Oskari from Turku, FinlandBut The Patient doesn't die until Welcome To The Black Parade. Personally I think it's about someone close to The Patient who has died so he's probably just lying in the hospital bed and thinking: "We'll be together again soon."
  • M from Asdfjkl;, IlI think the song is about how people kill themselves like " no one ever had much nice to say i think they never liked you anyway," but it could also means other things too.
  • Punkgal from Leeds, United Kingdomthe guy doesnt realize hes dead... this is kinda like dude your dead
  • Angela from Cartersville, Georgiai agree with larissa, i think thats what the song can also mean and its sorta sad
  • Larissa from Blue Mountains, Australiaitcan also be interpreted as saying someone is dead to you. "did you know you were dead?" plus "you banned me from the hospital bed"
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