The Ghost Of You

Album: Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge (2004)
Charted: 27 84
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  • This song deals with the fear of losing someone. It is not to be interpreted about just losing one special person. According to the band, the whole album is about losing people. >>
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    Ryan - Fredericksburg, VA
  • The video could have been about losing a girl, but they took an entirely different direction and portrayed the band as soldiers in WWII scenes. The aspect of loss appears when bass player Mikey Way is shot and killed by German fire.
  • You can find almost this exact scene that is portrayed in the video for "Ghost Of You" in the movie Saving Private Ryan. >>
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    Megan - NY, NY
  • MCR frontman Gerard Way told MTV the song was inspired by Alan Moore's Watchmen comic, which featured a perfume ad with the tagline, "Oh, how the ghost of you clings."

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  • Destany from CaliforniaGerard looked suuuuper cute in this video lmao I'm sorry
  • Daniele from ItalyGreat song, great video.
  • Alex from NcHonestly this is my favorite music video that they have ever shot because of the scenes
  • Charity. from NcThis pains me so much. Just seeing how Gerard shot up and yelled Mikey’s name and he kept on running whilst Gerard broke down in tears, screaming. And how the scenes where he sings after his death fogs up like how your eyes would when you cry. Such a masterpiece..
  • Lucas from North Carolina Jesus Christ this song is sad it reminds me of how my great grandfather inspired me to want to get into the military for his work in World War Two and every soldier in the allies we are here today for their help we can still sit down and have fun
  • Arechi from TexasYo cat Kat from Illinois. The music video was extremely tame. You want something more real? Watch saving private ryan.
  • Kat from Illinois my teacher showed this video in class the other day. no one in the class really understood the topic (D-Day) until we got a visual. the feeling in that classroom when the video was over was unreal. I almost started crying once Mikey was shot and I think it was because I saw someone I knew in that physical state. It really brought a whole new meaning to the topic that I think a lot of people don’t really grasp. I’ve always loved this song but I’m not a music video type of person so I never bothered to watch it. Really great video and I’m glad MCR made their comeback!!
  • Saca from AfrcaI feel the pain in this song.
  • Dyoweh from Singapore, Singaporeits a great damn music and a nice MTV video too, I would really like to see another version of its music video.
  • M from Asdfjkl;, IlI think it was hard for Mikey to hold his breath for 45min. let alone 10min.
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlOMG! I was hooked on this song when it came out! I just couldn't stop listening to it....I love the old, dated look to this video. I looooove the part of the song where he whispers and then the music gets loud!!! My favorite part!
  • Vicky from Chesapeake, Vaevery time i hear this song i can feel his / her pain , the agony, the anger, just all of it makes me want to cry in pain along with them....i really feel for them!

    Also, in the video, when mickey gets shot, Gerard screams his name in terror and you can see the horror in his eyes from what he has just witnessed happening before him. It is such an intense feeling that this song gives you!

    I just love this song so very much it is so totaly fact its amazing! Yeah!
  • Ethan from Md, MdThis song is about Some Womens husband going out to war and dying,and the wife thinks about killing herself.Most fo this is his wife talking,except for when he starts yelling.When she says "At the end of the world" she is talking about the war,not her life.Then she says "Never coming home" she revers to her husband who is MIA.And when the song says "could I should I?"She refers to killing herself,and she is very depressed,which is why the song picks up tempo when They sing about him fighting and dying.
  • Maria from Jacksonville , FlI think this song is about someone contemplating suicide after someone close to them dies. I didn't get that feeling the first time I heard the song, but after I read the lyrics over a few times, the suicide thing started to become evident. Atleast to me.

    "I never said I'd lie in wait forever
    If I died we'd be together now
    I can't always just forget her
    But she could try"

    The very first line makes me feel like the 'voice' of the song (or guy) never agreed to keep on living after the 'girl' died. Maybe she was terminally ill and the whole song is a reflection on a life he'll never be able to live out with her, "And all the things that you never ever told me And all the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me"

    The lines,

    "At the end of the world
    Or the last thing I see
    You are
    Never coming home
    Never coming home"

    make me invision the reality of the girl's death crashing down. And then "Could I, Should I" makes me think that he is thinking about following her into death.

    Of course this song is not limited to a girl and boy interpretation, as seen by the video, but this suicide feeling is atleast what I gathered from the lyrics.

  • Indigo from Adelaide, Australiajust because it says "she" in the song doesn't mean it is about a girl. i think "she" is representing the loss of anyone, it doesn't have to be a girl. Gerard said its about someone dying, no one in particular, just losing someone. you don't have to take the lyrics so literally. the video is so great, it is so differnet from what i thought it would be. gerard is good in it, but i think mikey was awesome!
  • Melissa from Liverpool, United KingdomGERARD SHOULD BE IN MOVIES HE IS BRILL IN THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!! anyway I think this song is about someone who has lost somoene(break up or died) and I think he has a new gf who basically is angry cause he cant get over her but really he loved her and feels like the world is coming to an end if your wondering why I got the gf Idea look at the line "but I cant always just forget her but she could try" just my opinion.
  • Jess from Cobram, Australiapeople probably think this is about a girl because they keep saying SHE maybe???
    i think u can take it different ways
    and i think the video is perfect for this song. really.
  • Kat from Boston, MaThe song got its name from the Nostalga add, "oh how the ghost of you clings" in the graphic novel Watchmen by Alan Moore
  • Courtney from Harrah, OkWhy do so many people always think a song is about a girl? That stereotype is getting really old.
  • Kandice from Corona, Cathis song is named after something in a graphic novel called Watchmen. in the novel, there is a character who has a product and in the advertisement for that product, there is a catchphrase which is "oh, how the ghost of you clings" gerard way talked about it in one of his interviews
  • V-starr from ??????, MiI love the song
    I like the video
    I hate the part when Mikey Dies :(
  • Cynthia from Belfast, United KingdomThe video and the song are two different things. They are separate..the song isn't about Mikey it's about a girl you retards ... the video is just dare to say it's about losing someone not Mikey ..oh my god
    such as.. 'at the top of my lungs and my arms she dies'
  • Axl from Kilgore, TxWell this song can be taken different ways depending on the perspective. When I first heard it the thought that popped into my head was simply another song about love lost. In retrospect I guess it still is but after my decision to join the Marine Corps. Infantry (leaving for bootcamp end of may)this song had an unexpected emotional impact on me. The chorus (at the end of the world or the last thing I see you are never coming on and so forth)in my opinion has so many meanings tied into it that its hard to take the understanding and put it into words but I think the part in ()'s could be about a soldier seeing someone important to them in his final moments or even that of family members having to come to grips with the fact that "you are never coming home". At the end of the chorus (could I, Should I) it portrays the fear or unwillingness to say something then the regret of it cause its to late. And the final version of the chorus deals with the trauma some or all soldiers deal with after they see war firsthand. My sister played the video after I told her of my military decisions and I think she got her point across in a way that I understand. My advice to all is not to let yourself "be afraid of fear" (Nirvana-you know your right) and say what has to be said to soldiers or for that matter anyone worth your time cause this life is short and there are no real second chances. Sorry for my long that a word?
  • Ozzy from Fresno, CaI wish their new music was less...main stream. I mean, like I listen to the oldies and emo punk idk is weird. Anyways, I was at my middle school dance and everyone started singing along to Teenagers and I'm like omg is this mcr? It IS sad too
  • Skyttles from Poolpartytopia, Czech RepublicThis video is Great...but not as good as Famous Last Words..

    Its funny because in the music video for Ghost of you, when Gee is screaming at the bar after Mikey dies...he's not lip syncing..he really had to scream and sing no matter how bad he sounded! I wouldnt be able to do that!!
  • Jenna from Nova Scotia, Canadain response to Althea's thing you CANNOT be emo,emo is a type of music you're either hardcore or scene.Oh and this song is really wicked!I love it!
  • Summer from Greenwood, ScIn my opinion this song is about a soldier and is significant other. I believe the woman commits suicide. The soldier says (If I died we'd be together now) which means that if he died in action he would be with her. And then she says (At the end or the world
    Or the last thing I see
    You are
    Never coming home
    Never coming home
    Could I?
    Should I?
    And all the things that you never ever told me
    And all the smiles that are ever ever) which could be her feelings on him in the war.
  • Ali from Oxford, PaI've always seen this song from the perspective of a soldier and his girlfriend or wife. I think that he first line of the first verse 'I never said I'd lie and wait forever' is from the girlfriends perspective, saying that she never promised to wait for him to come back, and that while he was gone she found someone else. 'If I did, we'd be together now' means that if she had promised him she would wait that they would have been together after he came back, but that isn't possible now since she is with another man. 'I can't always just forget her, but she could try,' could possibly mean that now since he is home and she is with another, that he wishes he could just forget her and ever being with her, and wishes she would do the same and just stop calling/ making contact with him. The chorus to me seems to be him coming to grasps that she's never coming back to him, that she doesn't love him anymore. The second verse seems to be him remembering back while in the war, that he constantly had a feeling that she wasn't all alone and that someone else.

    I dunno, I've just always saw it as something like that.
  • Aliya from Rocklin, CaMikey didn't fake die for three hours, in an interview he said he had to fake die for 45 minutes.
  • Morgan from Gresham, OrI love this song sooo soo much!!! it helped me get through hard times many times. so sad when mikey dies, the expression on gerards face makes me wanna cry, mikeys a really good actor. i cant believe he faked dying for 3 hours...i wouldnt be able to do that. i love mikey and gee...and every1 else in mcr 4 that matter...
  • Katie from Temecula, Caits about losing someone u love... becuse we all go thru it!!!very sad music video mikey dies!!!!!!i cry whenever i listen 2 it... amazing and incredible.... mikeys a good actor... its NOT about gerards grandma!!!thats helena!!!its about noone in particular its just about death
  • Althea from Everett, WaI Love This Song, I Cry Everytime I Hear It....All Their Songs. I Just Can't Help It, Crying. I Guess I'm More Emo Than I Thaught?
  • Trish from Omaha, NeThis is definitely one of my favorite songs by MCR.
  • Brittany from Centreville, Vamy boyfrieind (ex) broke up with me because he is going to iraq. he sent me this video after he broke up with me.. i wasnt sure exactly what he was trying to tell me.. still not very sure. he said he doesnt want me to loose someone else ( i lost my mother ) but i think by ending our relationship is just as bad as loosing him to war.
  • Aisling from Dublin, Irelandhere the url for it....
    also if u use the keywords my chemical romance MCR the ghost of you hidden track subliminal message. you should be able to find it...also check out the cemetary drive hidden msg.
  • Jordyn from Ogden, UtHey aisling, how do you find the 'hidden message' im there but i cant find it.
  • Hannah from Hampshire, EnglandI dont think this ong is about anyone in particular dieing. In the lyrics it refers to a woman but in the video its their brother and their friend. They performed this at a concert I went to and Gerard said it was just about dieing. No one in particular just losing people.
  • Dj from Concord, Ncmikey said he had to fake dieing for over 3 hours
  • Aisling from Dublin, Irelandin my opinion the video really brought out the true meaning of the song, its such a heart felt song...apperently if you play it backwards theres a hidden msg, its on youtube.
  • Katie from --, InJoana, there's no such thing as a perfect song. There isn't and there will never be one.
  • Joana from Lisbon, PortugalThis song is amazing. I first heard it when I lost someone really important and nothing could explain better what I felt than this song. The song is perfect, I can listen to it everyday that I won't get tired of it.
  • Tabitha from Brooklyn Park, MdThis song has nothing to do with their grandmother. The album is DEDICATED to her. Just because something's dedicated to that person doesn't mean that every song on the album has to be about them. I think it has to with someone losing someone without getting a chance to say goodbye. Such as "At the top of my lungs in my arms she dies", he's saying that he was trying to say goodbye to her, but he didn't get the chance. And he will be haunted by her smiles ("all the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me) and by his doubts ("All the things that you never ever told me"). And he won't even be able to see her ghost, so she'll "never [come] home".
  • Meghan from Tipperary, Irelandya i know that at the end mikey dies but i read somewhere when frank said he enjoyed dieing in the middle of it!i was just wondering if anyone else had seen that part in the video where he dies!because i didnt!
  • Meghan from Tipperary, Irelandya i know at the end mikey dies but i read an interview where frank said he really enjoyed dieing in the middle!ive seen in the end of it where bob and it seems to be frank are holding gerard back!i didnt see the bit where frank dies in the video and was just wondering if anyone else had?ya i agree with u thou!the bit at the and where gerard is shouting makey and the others are holding him back!its really moving!
  • Droopyeyes from Hcmc, OtherTo Meghan: the one who dies is Mikey, not Frank. It's the same time when Gerard shouts his name. I love this so much. It really hurts me to see Mikey get shot and fall down and Gee shout "Mikey".
  • Mike from Petersham, MaI like this band and their songs!!!!!!
  • Droopyeyes from Hcmc, OtherI love this song, the lyrics, the melody, everything. And Gerard's voice's really great. And I love the video. I really love it when Gerard shouts "Mikey" in the video. It's so moving.
  • Ilse Serna from Empalme, Sonora, MexicoWho has heard The Black Parade record?
  • Meghan from Tipperary, Irelandi love this song soo much!it has a special meaning 2 me!does frank die in the middle of it??
  • Georgina from Laredo, TxI love this song it give me chills
  • Andrea from Tucson, AzThis song rocks! i just keep replaying it until i get it stuck in my head so i can listen to it when i'm not listening to it... uhhh yeah i think thats the right way to say it.. but i love how they did this song and the words deffinitly have a message about the fear of loosing someone they love. I didnt know there was a video i think ill go check it out now!
  • Cheryl from Poolville, TxThis song is amazing. Gerard's face at the very end is priceless and depicts the exact reaction a person would show in those kinds of harsh situations.
  • Ilse Serna from Empalme, Sonora, MexicoThis song is very true. Everyone feels like that when they lose someone.The first time I saw it it almost made me cry.When someone dies it is hard to except it but in the way Mikey died it is even harder to put the words death, died,dies, or die in your vocabulary. It does have a lot of sad things but we all have to deal with it at one time or another. It is hard to lose someone you love but it has to happen. You can't really explain anything in words for this song. That's how deep this song is. At the end it is very sad because Gerard had to see his own brother die.
  • Simone from Redwood City, CaI love the song Ghost Of You not only because the video roxx and that the song has alot of feeling to it, its cause in the video, Mikey Way looks like my cousin Mikey. My cousin was also in the Marines, and in the video so was Mikey Way. My cousin died, and in the video so did Mikey Way. So it really makes me feel a little on the good side because it looks as if i am seeing my cousin on tv. But the bad part is that Mikey dies and seeing that is like seeing my cousin die right in front of my eyes. So, it makes me happy but at the same time sad. That is why i love the video Ghost Of You.
  • Kirsty from D&g, United Statesi think this song is about losing somone so close to you.and when he sez never coming home hes mening tht heas dead and gon and nomater how much u want him to be ther bak hith you safe in your arms in your hause its not going to hapen and you need to think of al the good things thet hapend the way they changed your life n made you fell not the facked tht ther not on the face of the earth any more
  • Sheree from CheshireYOU GOTTA LOVE THIS SONG!!! It rocks MCR are gonna take over the world Frank and Gerard are sooo FIT as ever but not as fit as tom delonge and jamie walker.It make's me feel sad to listen to this song but it's great.Laters dude's.
  • Angelica from Centralia , MoI love My Chemical Romance!!! This song is sooooo good....but I think my 2 faves would have to be Helena and I'm not okay (I promise) But this one is great. I love the music video too!
    -Angelica,Centralia MO
  • Elizabeth from J-ville, Flthis song is about the end of the world. very heavily based off of Saving Private Ryan
  • Lee from Trenton, NjO N E M O R E T I M E - Helena is for there grandmother NOT GHOST OF YOU!
  • Guess from North Andover, MaMark Webb directed this video. He did a really good job.
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhOMG I love this song sooo much! I can't even describe how amaizing this song and video is! I cry everytime I see Mikey get shot it seems so real. I love it!!
  • Mercedes from St. Marys, CanadaThis song is about loosing someone wo has made a huge impact in your life. Probably refering too Gerard and Mikey Way's Grandmother Elena Lee Rush, who inspired the brothers in many ways.
  • Erik from Willow Hill, Pathis is mcr's best song. the video is just amazing and words can't explain it. the song is just as good.
  • Jack from Hemel, EnglandThis song was written about Way's grandmother, it was explained in an interview on Kerrang! a while back
  • Joel from Nottawa, Canadagreat video, it was really well directed. Props to whoever that was..
  • Tara from Sydney, Australiathe video.......words cant desript it
    i nearly cried as well
    i loved the sence were the solider got shot and it was a slow motion scene and hes screaming
    im crying as im writing this
  • Cassie from Creston, OhI LOVE this song. I don't care WHAT it's sbout it's just simply awesome.
  • Breana from Opelika, AlThis song explains the pain of men and women after the loss of a loved one. People dont understand how it feels to loose someone or something they love. This song is for everyone who has ever lost someone
  • Rachel from Sullivan, MoThis song is amazing...and the sad. I cried when I saw it, I was so moved by it.
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