In Its Infancy (The Waterfall)

Album: The Waterfall (2015)
  • This is the title track of The Waterfall, My Morning Jacket's seventh album. The band performed the songs off the record at Los Angeles' Mack Sennett Studios for the first time live. Frontman Jim James said, following this tune's rendition: "We built that song as a matrix for people to get lost in. We built it as a disorienting experience, but hopefully a very pleasurable one."
  • Jim James explained to Mojo why he used a waterfall as a metaphor for the journey of life on this track. "Remixed the record in Portland, Oregon, with Tucker Martine," he explained. "And there's a scenic drive out there where you pass lots of waterfalls. Whenever I stand in front of a waterfall, I try to pause it in my mind, then rewind it and make it go backwards. Obviously you can't do that."

    "I felt really overwhelmed by life lately, like there's this waterfall with constant activity, constant demands, constant stuff... And it's just like you want to pause it," James continued. "But you can't, so you somehow have to get into a flow, and go with it, try to live the best you can."


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