Make a Way

Album: Relentless (2008)
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  • Grant told Christian Music Today about this track: "The song 'Make a Way' was inspired directly by a girl named Brittany, who met a guy online and he raped her. We hear about it every week on Dateline, but it's really an epidemic all over the country. She had been raised in a Christian family, but didn't really buy into it and told me that she truly met Christ for the first time during a Revolve event. I realized after hearing that story that God used me to be part of changing somebody's place in eternity. It's not just a career where I get to stand up in front of people and sing songs into a microphone instead of a hairbrush like I used to do growing up. [This work] actually has the potential to change lives."
  • In the same interview Grant explained the album title: "I loved titling the record that, but I had to fight for it. The word 'relentless' has a negative connotation if you look it up in the dictionary. It talks about going against all odds and being relentless in your pursuit—it's a selfish kind of a word, suggesting that you'll scrape and kill to get wherever you want. But despite that connotation, I view God as being relentless in his pursuit of us. There have been times when I haven't asked him to come along with my plans or even consulted him in the first place, but he never stops pursuing us. I think he's calling me to that kind of pursuit, and I want my life to reflect not only of God, but the lifestyle he's called Christians to live, especially in a culture where Christians can appear to be so judgmental. I want my life to reflect love and grace and be relentless in that type of pursuit—to love my neighbor, extending compassion and generosity for the world to see Christ."
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