Cracks in Mr. Perfect

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  • This is the opening track of Ne-Yo's fifth album. The R&B singer-songwriter originally was going to name the record after this song before eventually plumping for R.E.D. (an acronym standing for 'Realising Every Dream'). He explained via That Grape Juice that this song's title refers to the elevated expectations of him because of his fame, which is a theme of the record. "The album is based around showing people that, though I am a 'celebrity' or 'artist,' or whatever the case may be, I'm a human being first," he shared. "You know, I feel like as an artist sometimes, you're kinda expected to be this perfect being for your fans."

    Ne-Yo added, regarding the "perfection" requirements expected of him: "You know, you're not allowed to have a bad day, you're not allowed to just not feel like smiling one day, you're not allowed to get upset, all of these things," he explained. "You have to be perfect. And, um, this album is basically showing people that I'm not. I'm not this perfect guy. I'm a human being at the end of the day."
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