One in a Million

Album: Libra Scale (2010)
Charted: 20 87


  • This is a track from American singer-songwriter Ne-Yo's fourth studio album Libra Scale, which is crafted like a screenplay. The record tells the story of three garbage men, Jerome, Clyde and Leroy, who are granted everything they could ever want including superpowers. However, there's a catch: they can never fall in love. When Jerome falls for vivacious no-nonsense stunner Ms. "One in a Million" Pretti Sinclair, she contracts a strain of his super-powers and suffers an adverse reaction that effectively drives her crazy. In this song Jerome meets the sarcastic Pretti for the first time and her welcome for him is anything but warm.
  • In an interview with Essence magazine, Ne-Yo was asked about his inspiration for the song's music video. He replied: "Libra Scale's visual inspiration comes from my love of dark movies likeThe Matrix or The Dark Knight but also from my love of romantic comedies. This element is showcased more in part 3: "One in a Million."

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  • Siahara Shyne Carter from United StatesThis in the DVD Super famous, I can't believe how old I am It's been 10 years (2020)
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