Happy Judgement Day

Album: The Peace And The Panic (2017)


  • This was released as a taster single before the release of The Peace And The Panic album. Frontman Ben Barlow explained to Alternative Press: "That song is a comment on the current social and political climate. That feels like an important topic, and it's a panic for a lot of people right now - where's the world going? It should also be said that the reason we put that song out first is because - in typical Neck Deep fashion - there's a big, fat riff at the start of it."
  • Neck Deep wrote the song in the studio with their producer Mike Green. Ben Barlow recalled to Kerrang: "He had the riff, and as soon as we heard it we said, 'That's sick - let's instantly make that into a song'. Mike has this really good ear for structure, and helped us to hone in on things, because we tend to write songs that have a lot of parts."


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