Walking on Water

Album: HARD CUTS: Songs from the H A R D L O V E Sessions (2017)
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  • Co-penned by the Rinehart brothers with worship singer-songwriter Matt Maher, "Walking on Water" was included on NeedtoBreathe's 2017 EP HARD CUTS: Songs from the H A R D L O V E Sessions. Keyboardist Josh Lovelace told NewReleaseToday the story of the song:

    "This song was one of the first songs we wrote for HARD LOVE, which is kind of crazy because it's one of the last songs we've released now from those sessions. When we went into the mountain house sessions-which is what we've called them-we wanted to throw out every rule that we've ever had about going into a recording process, and we tried out some new things.

    This song was our first experiment with heavy synth and keyboard. It was never our biggest focus in a song musically before, but this song's musical bed took us on a new path for the entire album HARD LOVE. We felt that this song stood on its own and would be better to release later after the album came out, so we released it on the HARD CUTS EP, which are really some of our favorite songs from the whole album.

    Bear and Bo wrote the song with Matt Maher, and he's been a friend of the band for a long time. It means a lot to us as a band. The original demo was just a piano and acoustic guitar, and the lyrics are so powerful and they are some of my favorite lyrics of the entire project. I'm glad it's now getting attention as a song."
  • The song is about not fearing and having faith in God.

    There's no turning back
    Nothing in the past
    My eyes on You again
    Can't see nothing at all
    But Your outstretched arms
    Help me believe it
    Though I falter
    You got me walking on water

    The lyrics are from Peter's perspective and are inspired by the biblical passage in Matthew 14 29-31 when the disciple tries to follow Jesus walking on the water.
  • The song was released as a single. 100% of its sales, streaming revenue and licensing fees are going to Dream Center Network in partnership with OneWorld Health to benefit victims of hurricanes. Lovelace explained:

    "After the hurricanes happened, we had a lot of friends who were affected, and it was devastating to see what they were going through, losing everything and even losing hope. We had a concert in the Houston area not long after the hurricane, and we announced that night that all of the proceeds of this song are going to hurricane victims to hopefully in a small way help with the restoration process. We want to love on our community. It's awesome to see how the song can have a deeper meaning, and we want to help bring hope to people who have lost hope."


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