Soolaimon (African Trilogy II)

Album: Taproot Manuscript (1970)
Charted: 30
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  • An early venture into World Music, this was part of a suite of songs known as "The African Trilogy." Diamond studied African culture at the Kenyon Mission, the United Nations and the African Studies department at UCLA. "Soolaimon" can mean "hello," "welcome," "good-bye" and "peace be with you."
  • The African Trilogy was arranged by the Jazz musician Marty Paich.
  • This was often a highlight of Diamond's live shows. He sometimes used it to open his concerts.

Comments: 22

  • AnonymousWith a cassette player and recorder. Holding the microphone next to the stereo speaker,. SOOLIAMON. Soolia, Soolia, Sooliamon.
  • Julie from KentuckyJust finishing the book Sooley by John Grisham. The main character is a young man named Samuel Sooleymon, from South Sudan. The song has been playing in my head throughout. The fact that Sooleymon (different spelling than the song) is a common name in the region and Soolaimon basically means "aloha" adds a nice touch.
  • Marlen Loayza Bernasconi from SwedenThank you Neil Diamond !
    You, a very big blue star in the Skies
    Må Jehova välsigne Dig !
  • Susan Scott Seymour from NcLeslie Neil Diamond's music has always resonated in my soul. His voice touches my heart strings and helps me emotionally with my self introspection. I have always felt he is my Jewish brother and my being Messianic Jew (Christian) that I could relate to him. I have been 2 concerts: Baltimore and Houston. I am eternally grateful to him for using his God-given talents to inspire and aspire my wanting to be a better person. I pray he is doing well and that they find a way to help and cure Parkinson's Disease. He may be retired but his voice and lyrics and music are timeless. Thank you for being a "Diamond in the Sky." :)
  • Hammerin Hank from Hayward, CaliforniaI love this song! Too bad that it isn't played on the radio anymore! :(
  • Chuck Lauderdale from AlabamaNeil was one of my favorite artist when I was in high school back in the late sixties. I listened to his cassette every night. Sooliamon was my favorite. I still love his music today. I will until I say my final goodbye/Peace.
  • Laurieg from CaliforniaOne of the BEST drum solos - EVER!!
  • L.smith from ArizonlaThis and other Neil Diamond songs feature prominently in the recent (2021) series "Midnight Mass"
  • Xt from Long Island, NyThis song is so good. It was on a show recently I half watched. Now I sing it on my way home from work almost everyday. I had to look up the lyrics. Now it has an interesting new meaning. Did he really make his own meaning to the song based on the meaning of the word?
  • Frances from Pacific NorthwestI have been enamored with Neil's music and voice since the beginning. It has been a lifelong enchantment, minus 16 years.I've been fortunate seeing Neil live performance three times.
  • Jennifur SunI thought I was right. Neil used a lot of musicians on this song plus a bunch of those from the Wrecking Crew, including the late Hal Blaine and Earl Palmer. Kudos to all who were on this song.
  • Bailey's from IdahoThank you Neil....You have added so much to our lives.....
  • Dr. Doug from Cerritos, CaNeil Diamond used the word for his song Sooliaman for his own meaning. However the word was taken from an African mystical man (like Christ as a profit) that no one can know or identify with, but has much power such as a God. It stands for peace/hello/good bye/Salome/freedom etc. Interesting huh?
  • Dot Lewis from Hamburg, your music mr. diamond. my compliments to the drummer. wonderful rhythem.
  • Dot Lewis from Hamburg, compliments to drummer in Solliamon.
  • Dorothy Lewis from Hambueg, Nylove all mr diamonds music
  • Roger Hurm from ArizoniaPlaying 1972 concert vinyl right now in inspiring...beautiful
    Makes distancing distant!
  • David from Michigan Who sang female vocals on this song?
  • Heather from Brentwood BaySuch a phenomenal performer, saw him in concert in Vancouver BC!
  • Hafling86 from California Neil Diamond was a complete genius and a magnificent entertainer. I had the privilege of going to two of his live concerts in the ‘80s. Lucky...lucky me!
  • Emily from GeorgiaBeing from Zimbabwe...this warms my heart and makes me love Neil even more!
  • Jennifur Sun from RamonaLove this song, it is soo powerful. love the drums on it especially.
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