All Downhill From Here

Album: Catalyst (2004)
Charted: 58
  • Jordan Pundik (vocals) told Kerrang! magazine February 16, 2008: "It was about my ex. When I first started dating her, my friends were like, 'Dude, don't do it, she's this and she's that.' But I didn't listen."
  • Steve Klein (guitar) added in the same Kerrang! interview: "That's why sometimes I take my frustrations out in my songs. The song 'Over The Head Below The Knees' is about that too. We had a lot of fights because we were best friends and I knew he was with somebody that I thought he shouldn't be with. So there were a lot of frustrations coming out."
  • This had to be 'retired' from the fan-voted MTV show Total Request Live (TRL) after being voted on for 52 weeks straight.

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  • Sam from Philly, Pain my opinion,one of the best nfg songs to date...catalyst was a great album...but id have to say that sticks and stones tops it
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