The Sound of Two Voices

Album: Makes Me Sick (2017)


  • I don't want what I want
    Because what I want
    It just might kill me

    Vocalist Chad Gilbert told Alternative Press the story behind this song:

    "I went to a show and the singer of a band was talking to their fans from stage and said, 'Hey, do what you want in life to make you happy,' and raised their beer. It struck a nerve with me because if someone in that crowd was a recovering alcoholic, then that's the last thing they would need to hear, because what they would want is to drink to be happy. But they might have destroyed their lives from it.

    The song is about thinking more and knowing that maybe what we think we want for ourselves isn't always what's best for ourselves. Being vulnerable to your weaknesses. Not being afraid to have limitations that are good for you."
  • A ska-punk island song complete with steel drums and lyrics about resisting temptation, this is possibly the most non-New Found Glory tune the band has recorded. The track arose from several different influences. Guitarist Chad Gilbert explained to Billboard:

    "We were doing pre-production for the album upstairs at my house. We were writing together and we went out to get lunch and 'You Can Call Me Al' by Paul Simon came on the radio. Then that night, we all went to a show in Nashville, this punk rock show with this band Tacocat, who we love. One of the opening bands was saying onstage, 'Do what you want in life! Do what makes you happy and drink a beer!'

    Earlier that day, I had a conversation with a friend of mine who has been going to rehab and struggling with drinking… If my friend got that advice, it would be very dangerous. Because what he likes is drinking, but he knows that stuff hurts him, so this whole thing hit me at once. That night, I came back and I wrote the melody. The next morning, we all got together and played it and learned a new song - the perfect storm."
  • The Max Moore-directed video ties together the song's meaning and its similarities to "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid. Gilbert explained:

    "Those who have to struggle with addiction in their lives know the 'you only live once' mentality doesn't really work because you can only do that for so often before you're self-destructive. So in the video, it's a take on Jordan being on our album cover throwing different temptations down and a fish on the surface wanting to take a bite out of them. But the other fish are like, 'No man, I know it might look like it'll be good for you in life, but that's not the way you want to go down.'"


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