Album: Sunshine Guaranteed (2021)
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  • The Portland, Oregon singer/songwriter/producer Nick Arneson describes "Naturally" as the darkest song on his Sunshine Guaranteed album. He wrote it during an intensely dark period only a few months after he separated from his wife of 20 years.

    "I wrote this song after a particularly short and fiery relationship with someone who I had been pining over for years," Arneson told Songfacts. "It's not fully about any one person, or from the point of view of any specific person, though it does loosely reference some specific events from the night and after (the comforter we never made it under, as an example). It feeds into the theme of heartbreak and resurrection throughout the album, the chorus ("Too hurt to chase, don't run away, you'll be running all alone") hinting at the exhaustion that comes with new relationships and constantly chewing on the idea that being alone is probably just easier.

    I wrote the outro from the point of view of the antagonist, as she goes about her day glancing at herself in various mirrors, both loving her gorgeous aesthetic while lamenting her vapid and cold interior."


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