Chad KroegerVocals, guitars
Mike KroegerBass
Ryan "Nik" VikedalDrums1996-2005
Ryan PeakeGuitar
Daniel AdairDrums2005-

Nickelback Artistfacts

  • Ever wondered where they can up with the name Nickelback? Mike Kroeger was working at Starbucks. The coffee products would cost $1.95 CAD, so he said to the customer when giving change: "Here's your nickel back." >>
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    Jeanette - Dublin, Ireland
  • The band is the subject of constant mockery. Among detractors, liking Nickelback is a mark of complacence, poor taste, and low standards. In the '10s, this became a trendy putdown. Barack Obama read a "mean tweet" on Jimmy Kimmel Live that read, "Barack Obama is the Nickelback of presidents"; signs appeared at sporting events reading, "[opposing player or coach] likes Nickelback." Kroeger embraced this criticism, saying it made their fanbase stronger.
  • They recorded a couple of independent records between 1996 and 1998. They spent those years touring the country and building a strong fan base.
  • Kroeger produced an album by Default, also Canadian (Vancouver), called Fallout (2001).
  • Chad Kroeger: "I was thrown into a juvenile detention center when I was 14 for breaking into my junior high school 11 times ... this really pissed me off!"
  • Mike Kroeger faves: golf, coffee, The Big Lebowski. They are all pretty big hockey fans, especially Mike, and performed/presented at the 2002 NHL Awards in Toronto. They gave Best Goalie to Patrick Roy.
  • There are a wide variety of influences at work in this band. Vikedal is into jazz, whereas Mike loves "heavy stuff."
  • They toured with several bands, including Creed, Sevendust, 3 Doors Down, and Fuel.
  • They went through three drummers before settling on Vikedal. The first was a cousin of the Kroegers, who was in it for the family not the "rock and roll dream," according to Chad.
  • Nickelback really benefited from Canadian Content. It's a policy in Canada that ensures 35% of everything on the radio is Canadian. The band is grateful, because it helped make room for them.
  • Chad loves video games, and role playing games. His favorite is Fable for the Xbox, as he stated in an interview with Electric Playground.
  • Chad Kroeger was born Chad Robert Turton on November 15, 1974, in Hanna, Alberta, Canada Kroeger is the surname of Chad's half-brother, Mike, and was used by Chad from childhood. Chad's stepfather is Mike's father. >>
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  • In 2008, they signed what's known as a "360 Deal" with Live Nation, leaving Roadrunner Records, which is owned by Warner Brothers. Their contract covers recording, touring, and merchandising, and is estimated to be worth about $60 million. >>
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  • Chad Kroeger began dating fellow Canadian Avril Lavigne after they got together to co-write a song. The Nickelback frontman admitted to Los Angeles DJ Ryan Seacrest it was clear he and Lavigne had feelings for each other when they started working together in the studio. "I think it evolved into this wonderful thing," he said. "When you're sitting there, singing across from somebody into the microphone and singing love songs and you start developing these feelings for that person, and it just blossomed into this thing."
  • Chad, Mike, and Ryan all met and started playing together in Hannah, AB. Daniel is from Vancouver, BC.
  • Chad Kroeger took a $4000 loan from his stepfather so Nickelback could record their first EP, Hesher. However, only half the money went towards recording the record; the other half went to buying magic mushrooms.

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  • Jamie Rosario from Spring Hill Fl 34609Nickelback your awesome i cant wait to see yall in concert someday.
  • Cj from OhioNickelback totally rocks! They have so many hits to prove they are great. Anyone who doesn't like Nickelback has no good taste in music at all in my opinion.
  • Ro from Athens, PaI absolutely love Nickelback! They are the bomb! No matter what the haters out there say :)
  • Mark from Cheektowaga, NyNickleback is the best song writer ever, every one says he sucks but he doesn't.
  • Annette from Iola, KsI'm tired of hearing how Nickelback sucks! They are the best thing going to date!
  • Larrianna from Pinehouse, SkI Love NickelBack They Are Awesome Me And My Brother Love Them So Much We Listen To To Them When We Go For A Ride Around Town Or We Go To PA Or Saskatoon Maybe I Am Going To See Them May In Saskatoon With A Friend Have So Much Fun Man Yeaaa Jenny Loves Nickelback To I Love You Daniel Adair You Are Awesome Yeaa
  • Carson from Augusta, Virgin Islands (u.s.)This is my favorite song at the moment, and I seriously am committed to Nickleback, and if you haven't heard Gotta Be Somebody, youtube, Nickleback, Gotta Be Somebody. RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! ( i don't mean to sound pushy, just you seriously have to listen to this song)
  • Amy from S Glens Falls, NyI'm a recent fan of Nickleback.. Love the Dark Horse CD. very sexual. I am going to see them in upstate NY on July 22nd. i hear that the concerts are awesome! i am excited to see them. I think Chad is hot!
  • Andrea from D.d.o., Qcyou know how chad kroeger's birth name was chad robert turton, but now its chad kroeger, so my question is - and i hope some can answer it - when did chad kroeger change his name?
  • Verena from Altlußheim, GermanyNickelbacks , Chad Kroeger's age
  • Tori from Chicago, IlThe first Nickelback song I heard was Savin' Me, and I absolutely love it!!!!
  • Kylie from Mckinney, Txsorry the cd i had was called all the right reasons kylie
  • Kylie from Mckinney, Txwhat would you ask Chad Kroeger ?

    i would ask

    1. Are you engaged yet ?
    2. If so who are you engaged to ?
    3. Do you love your band ?
    4. Are you a big fan of any other bands ?
    5. When are you getting married ?
    6. What is your whole name ?
    7. Have you ever missed your familey on the first tour you did ?
    8. Do you have a concert this week ?
    9. Could you name your whole bands name age birth date and who their parents are ?
    10. Where did your band meet ?

    There is more questions i would defintley ask so if you want to see thim look on my blog at
    thats all !!!!!!!!!!
  • Kylie from Mckinney, TxFirst time i have ever heard you was i was cleaning my room and i heard the song and i completley fell in love with it i kept on hearing it and suddnely i just made a note and i had to make my parents drive down to best buy and buy me the cd i have the long road i think but i went to your concert down at pizza hut park in frisco you rocked i love your band i am the only person in my school that likes you and my school is pretty big so and i love the drummer to he was really good at the concert so i went crazy there so YOU GUYS ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Brooke from George, Wathats so messed up that someone would shoot an artist on stage, but kudos to chad for singing about it.
  • Brooke from George, WaNickelback is the best band, i just saw them in concert a couple months ago at the gorge at george, wa. it was the best, puddle of mud and fingereleven opened for them. i went a fan and came back just amazed.they rock! brooke
  • Jasmine from Marysville, OhCHAD also has the dreamiest eyes if i ever met him i would scream.
  • Jasmine from Marysville, OhCHAD has such a Sexy voice it is unbelieveable Nickelback rocks.
  • Jasmine from Marysville, Ohchad kroeger is so HOT ilove nickelback and have their new cd it is AWESOME ilove chads voice ROCK ON.
  • Donna from Knightdale, NcJust saw them in concert in Raleigh NC and they kicked ass. I would like to know if he is married to Marianne?? If so, she is the luckiest woman in the world..Chad is so freakin HOT!!! I would take him home with me in a minute!!
  • Zuni from Slovenija, EuropeThey suck. Most of their songs are written for female teenage crowd. They exploited chad's outlook and his 'breath taking voice' (frankly he sings like he's having a troat ache). They are popular with adolescence girls and surely they collect 50 wonderbras on every concert!!!! What a pitty cuz that won't help them reaching a glory of all-time bands.

  • Hope from Florence, MtI like Nickelback a lot! I think they're music is really good. I saw them in concert in Bozeman, Montana and they were really good. 12 Stones and Puddle of Mudd opened for them. It was great! I loved it!
  • Susie from Trenton, NjWhat's really funny is that a few weeks ago my friends and I saw Chad from Nickelback at a club and my friend made out with him. I asked if he was married b/c he was wearing a ring and he told me he was "married to his band". Ha....Guess he lied
  • Amy from Bidwell, OhNickelback is an awesome band and put on killer shows, they do their best to please their fans. We saw them in Charleston Wv in March 06. Trapt and Chevelle opened for them and they all put on stellar performances. We just saw them in Columbus Ohio and they were even better. This time Hinder, Three Days Grace and Hoobastank opened and they were all kick ass!! I'm not a teeny-bop fan either, me and my husband both are big Nickelback fans and we are both in our 30's. At both concerts we saw people ranging in age from young kids to senior citizans. Nickelback reaches a wide range of people, that tells you what kind of performers they are.
  • Windle from Montgomery, AlThey came up with the name Nickelback from Mike Kroeger's cashier experience at Starbucks. Customers would pay $1.50 for a coffee that costs $1.45 - and Mike Kroeger would always have to give them "a nickel back."

    sorry Lauryn your wrong about how the band got their name.
  • Travis from Rockaway, Njand you know, I didn't end up asking a question in my post. I suppose my question would be, "Do you realize that Nickelback is reusing their music over and over again?"
  • Travis from Rockaway, NjI registered just because I wanted to ask you guys this.

    I am not a Nickelback fan, because every single of theirs that has played on the radio, with the exception of one, has sounded extremely similar. I am able to sing any melody of any of their singles over any of their other singles..and it fits. Have any of you downloaded that MP3 where someone combines two of their singles into one song, and they sync perfectly?

    Granted there was some editing of that involved, but still. The fact that these guys write the same song over and over again pisses me off. I read in an interview with Chad that he feels they "have found a good formula for writing songs".

    You're damn right they have:
    1. find catchy chord progression
    2. Use it over and over and over.
    3. Hope no one notices.

    Some of their songs are catchy, I'll admit. But they are all VERY similar, so that would make sense. I am not bashing their playing skills, or saying they simply "suck"...I just think that they are in it for the money..have found something that works..and are totally exploiting it.

    That is why I think they are a bad band.
  • Alice from York, EnglandHi, Anik. I know for sure that Chad was engaged last year, and I'm pretty sure that he and Maryann got married over the Christmas/New Year time. You saw them live? Lucky you!! Very jealous now, I haven't managed to see them live yet! Good bands never come to my neck of the woods, I have to travel for hours on end to a large scary city, step on used condoms when I get out the car and get food poisioning from the dodgy takeaway I ate on the way home.....
  • Anik from Limoges, CanadaWent to a Nickelback concert yesterday. Great. Incredible. No words to really describe. Question: My friend and I were arguing that Chad was married? I say no, she says yes. Who's right?
  • Clarissa from Woodstock, CanadaMy sister is the big fan not me.I know back in 1999 my brother and sister listening to Nickle Back and saying these guys are up and coming they are going to be big.They where right and my sister still is carrying a love for Chad and his music 6yrs later.When i went to edge fest in 2002 and they where playing i felt so guilty because they where and are her passion.
  • Lise from SudburyChad became friends with drummer Vinnie Paul and the late guitarist Dimebag Darrell while on tour with Jerry Cantrell, and wound up working with Dimebag on a cover of Elton John's 'Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting,' which appeared on the 'Charlie's Angels' soundtrack. After the legendary guitarist was shot and killed onstage, a devastated Kroeger wrote an aggressive song called 'Side of a Bullet,' as a lasting tribute to his friend. 'After I put the song together, I really wanted Vinnie's blessing,' Kroeger says. 'So, I called him up and played the track for him over the phone. He said, 'I'd love to have you do a song about my brother.' Vinnie then sent some guitar outtakes and we pieced together a solo and put it on the song.The result is a new Dimebag Darrel solo.
  • Jay from London, EnglandIf you were to interview Chad Kroeger what are the questions you would ask? Please email me directly at Cheers.
  • Louise from Sudbury, CanadaI'm a lunatic when it comes to Nickelback.. Not only does Chad play well but writes well and has an amazingly sexy voice...and he's not hard on the eyes either... would anyone know anything about his private life?? Married stuff like that?? Chad u really are a class act!!!
  • Rolando from Laval, MoI was asking myself why Nickelback wasn't in the last concert "Aid Live G8" in Barrie , Ontario, last week.
  • Clare from London, ChinaYou lot are (mostly) a bunch of miseries! Nickelback are great! This song has all the elements of a truly great rock classic. Great drum and basslines and an amazing lyrical "hook" and of course Chad Kroeger's unbelievable voice. Incidentally, how hot is that guy?!!! Boy, he can come over and remind me of anything he likes!!
  • Sue from New York, NyChad's middle name is Robert.
  • Freddy from Amherst, MaI saw Nickelback live a few years back... I literally fell asleep.
  • Martha from Roanoke Rapids, NcNickelback is kick ass!..and if anyone knows chad kroeger's middle name i am very intersted in knowing on..
  • Jade from Ottawa, CanadaI like this band. There music is good and Chad has a pretty good voice. They're not my first choice to listen to but I have their cd and like singing along when their music comes on the radio.
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