While The Song Remains The Same

Album: Chasing Yesterday (2015)


  • Noel Gallagher wrote this song after going back to his hometown of Manchester. He was dismayed to find that a lot of the landmarks from his favorite two-hour walk starting and ending at his old apartment in the city center had disappeared.
  • The Chasing Yesterday album title is taken from a line in this song. The disc's name has lead to wrongful assumptions that its referencing a desire for an Oasis reunion. "If I hadn't had a f--king raging hangover I would have had the foresight to think, 'That might look a bit nostalgic on its own,'" Gallagher told Jam! Music. "The title's awful. What happened was I put it off and put it off and then my management called me and said, 'This album's going up for pre-order on iTunes today so we need a title by 3 o'clock.' And I said, 'Alright what time is it?' (They said), 'It's ten past one.' And I went, 'f--king hell.' I was going to call it Wheat is Murder or Dark Side of the Room, but Bono talked me out of that one."

    Gallagher added: "The line is saying, 'Look, let's stop chasing yesterday and think about tomorrow.' Now, clearly when chasing yesterday is taken out of context it looks like something else. I mean I still play some of the (Oasis) songs because I love some of the songs, and I know my audience particularly f---ing adore that part of my musical life. And I wouldn't really ever close the door on the music. But if you're asking about reforming the band, no, that's not even on. If I look now to the horizon and close my eyes, I don't see it."


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