Grow Up

Album: 24 HRS (2016)
Charted: 25
  • In 2015, Olly Murs broke up with is girlfriend of three years, property developer Francesca Thomas. Their split inspired the writing of many of the tracks on 24 HRS. On this swaying slice of guitar-led pop, Murs appears to be taking aim at his ex with some quite angry lyrics.

    No you've got to grow up
    Ain't you sick of being immature?
    Talking lies cos you're insecure
    You always turn it up, turn it up, turn it up, c'mon

    Speaking to the BBC, Murs said the song was necessarily written with Francesca Thomas in mind.

    "We started the session writing about a specific person but as the song developed, we all sat in the room and spoke about people we felt needed to grow up and people we didn't like," he said. "Sometimes you fall out with your friends and sometimes you just grow apart. This song was an opportunity to say 'Seriously, I'm not too proud to try and make friends with you again, but you need to just grow up."

    Murs added: "But is it about my ex? That's the thing. People will think that and I'm going to leave it open to people to decide."


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