Loud and Clear

Album: Right Place, Right Time (2012)
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  • This kiss-off is addressed to the same girl that Murs was heartbroken about on his first #1 single, "Please Don't Let Me Go," and who reappeared in In Case You Didn't Know's title track. "She wasn't there when I needed her and I was really cut up about it," said Olly. "But I'm still here, and 'Loud And Clear' is about how I'm over her."
  • Murs told The Sun that this song was inspired by his love for Justin Timberlake and Coldplay. "I really love Justin and also the Rihanna–Coldplay song 'Princess of China,'" he said. "Obviously, we don't want to nick anyone's production, but I felt it was a really cool song.
    I did 'Loud & Clear' in America, he added. "It was my first-ever American writing session, done in New York, so I am doubly proud of that."
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