Meteor Shower

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  • Adam Young, the Minnesotan who records as Owl City, is a committed Christian and has acknowledged the inspiration his faith provides for his music. He says this song is specifically about his faith and finding strength in God. Explaining how the song sums up his beliefs, Young told us, "It's simple but it's profound. There's not a lot to say about it, but what is said is really heavy."
  • Despite the influence of Young's faith on his music he doesn't consider Owl City Christian rock. He explained to Twin Cities Daily Planet: "I am a Christian, although my music, by whatever 'classification' exists, is not. My faith is an immense part of who I am and why I create art, but I dislike the idea of music, stylistically speaking, being labeled as 'Christian.' I think the lyrics should speak for themselves. I'm certainly not against the idea of Owl City being labeled anything other than what it is. I just prefer to stay out of trying to present the music in a certain way to people. I don't want to suggest anything to listeners. I want them to formulate their own opinions and perspectives."
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  • Mimzymusic from Portland, OrThis song is actually, I believe, a tribute to the Challenger astronauts, believe it or not.

    The reason I know this, is because I went to his concert on April 3, 2010, the day before Easter, and he played clips about the Challenger before the song, and when you listen to the lyrics, it does make sense. Basically the song is about how it's okay because they're with God now =)
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