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Album: All Things Bright & Beautiful (2011)
  • All Things Bright and Beautiful is the third album by Owl City, the electropop project of singer-songwriter Adam Young. This song marks the biggest departure from Young's usual ethereal sound, erupting into a synth pop stomper accompanied by vocals from Lights' singer Valerie Poxleitner. The Minnesota native told Spin magazine he was inspired by bands like the Talking Heads and hitmakers like Nile Rodgers. "I wanted a big dancey song with those big synths."
  • Lyrically, this is more classic Owl City territory as it finds Young singing of his shyness with the opposite sex. He told Spin magazine: "It plays on the idea of an outsider looking in. I tend not to be the most eloquent guy when I'm around pretty girls, and it's sort of a comment on that."

    In our 2012 interview, Young added, "I never know how to begin a conversation so nothing gets said at all and we just walk away."


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