Album: Mobile Orchestra (2015)


  • This love letter to the 1990s finds Owl City (aka Adam Young) and Hanson (the "MMMbop" guys) trading-off sharing their favorite childhood memories.

    Young and the Hanson trio cooked up this jovial anthem together. "That one is so much fun," he said. "It goes through everything we love about that era, and Hanson fit perfectly."
  • The animated video was done by the New York graphic designer Ryan Maloney. Cartoon likenesses of Adam Young and the Hanson brothers are featured in the colorful clip.
  • Adam Young told Billboard magazine how the song came about. "Myself and those three (Hanson) guys are kind of the same age," he said. "We connected with so many different things that we remember as kids, things that we thought were so mind blowing as far as technology and kind of the latest, greatest thing at the time. In a lot of cases, depending on the product, it isn't really around anymore."

    "We had a blast just being like, 'I forgot all about this. You guys remember this thing and this thing?' Just trying to find all these ways to work nostalgia into song," Young added. "So, that track is kind of a trip down memory lane a little bit."


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