Brightest Flame

Album: Black Roses (2009)


  • Painkiller Hotel is a Chicago band with a sound along the lines of Tonic and Live. Black Roses is their first album, and their lead singer Kevin Presbrey singles out "Brightest Flame" as a song with special meaning to him. He told us: "Originally the song was called '30-Second Romance,' but as we were fine tuning things in pre-production I decided to amend the title a bit. The song was written about someone I was involved with at the time. All was well and things started off very heavy, but before I could blink my eyes the whole thing was over, hence the chorus line 'seems like the brightest flame always fades so fast.' I actually wrote the song on my three hour lunch break one day in my old drummer's basement while I was working another job I didn't care about... hah." (Check out Painkiller Hotel at their MySpace site.)


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