That Green Gentleman

Album: Pretty. Odd (2008)
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  • Panic At The Disco wrote this song about being in the band and being friends in their rehearsal space. Bassist Jon Walker recalled to VH1: " I played C major and that was the first thing [Spencer Smith] started playing on the drums. Four hours later, the song was done. We changed some of the structure and some of the lyrics. We like the spontaneity of writing a song."
  • Guitarist Ryan Ross added: "This song and 'Nine In The Afternoon' were the two that we did as a whole band playing something that felt good."

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  • Kayla from United StatesI recently got Pretty Odd on vinyl, and I have been trying to find out who “That Green Gentleman” is. On Brendon’s thanks list he thanks That Green Gentleman. Spencer does the same. Jon and Ryan however do not. I have been scouring the internet trying to find out who it is. Does anyone know?
  • Mike from Detroit, Mii agree teresa they are really divese in their music. isnt the line "i wanna go where everyone goes, i wanna know what everyone knows, i wanna go where everyone feels the same" referring to not wanting to have to worry about fitting in? about having people accept you for who you are like it was when you were a kid hence all the little kids playing together in the video?
  • Teresa from Denver, CoI Really Love this song Panic is so Diverse in in there music is goes from like one thing to the next and its awsome its creepy with and edge of Everything YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
  • Paige from West Lafayette, Ini lloove this song! i think iys more about changing and growing up in the band. yah they have changed alot from their old selves and they know that.
  • Z from Somewhere Over The Rainbow, WaI think 'That Green Gentleman' is about a man who was engaged to someone he didn't love. They eventually refuse to marry one another. The song takes place a few years later, and he realizes that his life has just been passing by. Then his ex-fiance visits him and brings him back to reality.
  • Latasha from Austin, Txoh yeah and i posted the lyrics
    yayy me lol
  • Latasha from Austin, TxCheeeyyeeeaaaah 2nd comment baby!!
    lol but this song is the bombdigidy and then some
    i love it so much my fav on the pretty odd cd
  • Daniel from Jacksonville, FlThis song kicks ass by PATD. Its like they took a turn in their music, from crazy songs like "i write sins, not trafedies" to "that green gentleman" and its odd, its not what i expected of them. Just like the album name, this is pretty odd
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